17. A drunk photo of you. A photo that is drunk and features me? Or a photo that features me drunk? Well, I’ve never been drunk, and I’m not sure how a photo could get drunk. So instead (because I don’t want to waste time photo-editing today), look at this picture of the awesome mohawk I once had:

Probably 95% of the pictures I have of myself exist only to document some haircut or new outfit or clever makeup job, and this is no exception.

Yesterday I was productive (including the most badass QfG3 desktop wallpaper evar). Today I get to see Zombie Girl. The End.

EDIT: Today’s offering from the Craigslist guy:

in all honesty i have been bashing the hell out of this school. why? personal reason with the night dental assisting teacher, ALEXX WOODS. however! dispite my conflict with her, and the un-fairness that i was handed. the school does have some real quality people working there that do care. EXCEPT, the meatball teaching the night class. (sorry i coundnt refuse) i was moving forward an learning alot. with that being said, this is my last posting. and i thank everyone who sent me numerous e-mails on alexx woods, now i know it wasn’t just me.

thanks again

So apparently I wasn’t the only one that emailed him to express strong agreement about that evil woman. Good. Anyway, I’m sad he only lasted three days at this (though it’s really for the best that he stop), but I’m glad for the time we had XD