18. A photo of one of your classes. Oh, wow, something I actually have again finally.

Here am I with my dental assistant homies at that horrible school. In the middle front you can see the one reasonable faculty member they had there.

Yesterday I spent most of the day reading fanfiction… a long, badly-written story that breaks up the correct pairings and yet has such an interesting premise that I’m hooked and enjoying it anyway. This sort of thing is soOoOo bad for my productivity. I did get a little written, but mostly I just wasted time. Then in the evening ZG and I went to thrift stores, where she bought me sexy stuff, and then came back and watched Mirage of Blaze.

Today there are a number of things I need to get done, and we shall see how many of them I even start to look at. Mayhap I shall wear sexy stuff and take a picture of myself or something. It is a perfect day for wearing sexy stuff. ALSO I WILL WRITE WORDS.