19. A photo of you on a school trip. I definitely have no such thing, unless the one I posted in this entry counts. So instead, how about a picture of me doing some kind of Brownie thing when I was nine:

I recall being a Brownie for approximately half a school year. My mom never actually told me why she pulled me from the program, but I expect part of it was because of the relentless harassment I received from the other girls.

Yesterday I did not write nearly as many words as I’d intended. Actually I finished reading (what there is of) that bad fic I was reading the day before. It was still bad. And I still enjoyed it. In fact, I signed up for update alerts on it XD Anyway, I did write a little on Plastic, and also I finished the picture I’ve been working on for ZG. It’s here, if you wish to see it. Yes, it’s Trowa and Quatre (she said as if anyone was going to ask); it’s for the awesome story ZG’s writing that I do hope she will actually finish and not abandon. See here a clearer/closer-up Trowa.

Speaking of ZG, we went places last night, then watched the last few episodes of Mirage of Blaze and discussed people being assholes to each other. And then I got a great idea for a Heero/Duo fic. YAAAAAA. So today I plan on writing all damn day. SO THERE.

Oh, yeah. Remember how I recently posted a new music video? And then I linked to it from this journal? Well, lj’s pingback service is up and running again, so I immediately got a notification over at kuroiyousei notifying me that momentsdrift had linked to one of my entries. This notification shows up in the form of an invisible comment on the post. It doesn’t actually count as a comment (being invisible and all), so it doesn’t raise the comment number… but it triggers the “there are comments on this post” mode… and therefore, when I’m signed in as kuroiyousei, there’s a big old ‘0’ under that post where the comment number is. Normally, of course, if there are zero comments on a post (a common enough occurrence), no number at all appears. So this pingback thing triggering this unnecessary zero is kindof a slap in the face. “Ha ha, nobody’s commented on this,” it seems to say, shoving its conspicuous ‘0’ in my face. It’s rather irritating.