20. A photo of something you enjoy doing.

No, not the cat. Writing. As you can see, in this picture I was working on Heretic’s Reward chapter 6 (oh, I shouldn’t have linked that… now it’ll be the ‘0’ problem all over again XD), and Tokio decided that typing was not an appropriate activity for me at that moment. Not the first time she’s done that, and I’m sure it won’t be the last. It’s not as funny as when she types for me, but much cuter.

So speaking of writing… yesterday I was shockingly, triumphantly productive. I worked on Plastic all day and got soOoOo much done. I got to the first sex scene, and as I was writing it — writing sex — my random playlist decided to play all the children’s stuff it could find. This included a Rainbow Brite song (The Pits sung by Murky and Lurky) and a Chipmunks song (Mexican Holiday from The Chipmunk Adventure soundtrack), and I was like ^__^;;;;;;;; But I actually got the entire scene written in one sitting, so I’m exceptionally pleased with myself. Granted, Plastic scenes are really short, but, still, sex usually takes more out of me than that. Anyway, I doubt I can duplicate today the amount of work I got done yesterday, but I’m sure as hell going to try.