23. A photo of your friend as a baby. This is starting to feel like a scavenger hunt, which is something I definitely don’t have the patience for. Instead, how about this:

Yesterday this sister of mine discovered the sex of the baby she will have next year. It is a girl!!!! Then I will also have a niece!!!! YAAAAAAA BABIES.

Yesterday I decided I felt like working on MV’s again all day, so I did that. Well, in addition to cleaning all the things. I don’t know Gundam Wing nearly as well as I know a certain other anime from which I’ve made music videos… I can’t just look at the lyrics I’m using and go, “Oh, I know what scene to grab for this line.” So I’m fast-forwarding through the entire series grabbing any likely-looking footage. Which is… tedious. Also, I was aware that GW used stock footage, but not until starting music videos from the series did I realize just how much. Yeesh.

Today I think there may be some more things that all need cleaning. PEOPLES APPEAR TOMORROW FOR THANKSGIVING YAAAAA. Also hopefully I will see Zombie Girl today. Weeeee shall seeee.