24. A photo of you that your hair looks nice in.

Oh, wait, did that say “nice?” I thought it said “the most spectacular bedhead evar.” Ah, well. Back when I had a mohawk and eartails, my hair used to do the most amazing things in the morning. And this one time I got up and went out to grab the mail and locked myself out of my apartment… I was in these absurd checkered pajamas you can see a little of up there, which have actual checkers on thems and also foots. I had to walk out all the way across the complex (including two streets) to the office to get them to give me an extra key. When I walked into the office and said, “I locked myself out,” they took one look at me and actually burst out laughing out loud.

Because of stupid weather in stupid places, I dunno whether my siblings are on their way here or not T____T And because of this, no cleaning of all the things went on yesterday. It may go on today, but we’ll see. I hope my peoples can appear!!! I will be so very sad if they cannot!!!!! Anyway, yesterday I got sent Thanksgiving shopping at Wal-Mart in the middle of the day, and it was absolutely exhausting. It sapped my energy for the rest of the day and left me somewhat scarred. Then in the evening I hung out with Zombie Girl and we watched Bride and Prejudice (which I’ve been trying to get her to watch for a year and which I’m soOoOoOo happy she liked ^__^)

Today, as I mentioned, there may be cleaning, but otherwise I think I’ma work on a Heero/Duo story that wants to be written. It’s an idea I got last week and set aside, but now maybe it can come out. Yaaa. ALSO I HOPE MY PEOPLES APPEAR.

Another thing I did yesterday in my tiredness was finish that Haruhi show, and, really? It all boils down to “the utterly unlikeable Haruhi subconsciously has a crush on Kyon?” REALLY? Good lord. Sorry, I am unimpressed by this series, and have no interest in seeing any more of it.

Haruhi is an abusive psychopath that is amusing to watch at first, in a dark comedy sort of way where social horrors are played for humor, but eventually just becomes tiresome — especially given that she doesn’t change significantly throughout the chronological timeline, especially especially when she’s having these Wufei moments of “questioning the direction her life is going” that don’t actually lead anywhere.

Kyon’s narration is very interesting, and I really liked that particular style of story-telling, but I can’t really like him since he’s the kind of person that sits by and does next to nothing while someone else is abused right in front of him. He gives up pretty much without a fight trying to keep Haruhi from walking all over everyone. And then I guess we’re just supposed to accept that everything’s actually fine the way it is because underneath it all he really secretly likes her.

Mikuru is that type of debilitatingly shy and subservient character that I see sometimes in anime… I’ve never actually met anyone like that (at least no one that was older than about five), so I have to assume either that this type of person exists in Japan as a product of Japanese society, or that this type of character is a result of the desires of certain Japanese people; either option makes me sick. I mean, I feel bad for her since she goes through a lot of shit, but I’d feel a lot better about her personally if she weren’t such an insufferable doormat.

Yuki and Itsuki are OK characters — I could take or leave them — that do nothing whatsoever to improve the story. I’m sorry; I didn’t even see the Itsuki/Kyon stuff people keep talking about — not that I have anything against slashing them, of course, but they had one tiny little ambiguous moment and that was it.

The story itself wasn’t too bad… I kinda liked the way they arranged the episodes… but it does leave me with the feeling of absolutely no progress having been made, particularly with Haruhi herself (as I mentioned), and therefore of great and irritating pointlessness. Presumably I could watch more to see if something actually happens in the second season or the movie, but I don’t think I could handle it.