25. A photo of a night you loved.

I’m not a huge fan of Kenshin/Kaoru (not that I dislike it, but I think Kaoru is boring and sometimes obnoxious, and I’m not even the biggest fan of Kenshin personally either), but I think this is totally sweet because they’re actually holding hands onscreen. We see so little of their romantic relationship in canon, and then because of the foolishness of the anime we see even less… so moments like this are kindof awesome. And this is a night I loved, because I thought it was utterly hilarious how everyone ended up on the roof.

No, it’s not a photo. Shut up.

Well, my siblings will be here in an hour or two!!!!!!!!!! They had to stay the night at a hotel because of snow and such LAME. But they will appear and we will rejoice!!! ^_____^

Yesterday I started that story I mentioned, cleaned all the things, and played a lot of QfG4. For some reason, I can either play it normally and get sound (including voices) but no music, or play it in DosBox and get music but no sound (and a really small screen). I’m going with the former because I love the narrator so much, and I find myself singing the musical themes for each room. I was aware that I knew the music fairly well, but I wouldn’t have thought I knew it quite that well XD

Anyway, I have another new idea for a Heero/Duo story, which I want to tell to Zombie Girl, but she’s not answering her phone (probably because she’s not awake yet). I’m hoping to get her over here after the orgyfood to watch a movie with us, and I will tell her then. For now, I think I will go put on orange makeup.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!