26. A photo of your favorite weekend. In my family, the day after Thanksgiving has always been a bigger holiday than Thanksgiving itself, for that is the day we put up the Christmas tree and any other Christmas decorations we feel not-lazy enough to put up. We eat a traditional array of snacks all day and watch a traditional set of Christmas movies, and it is telve awesome. And since Thanksgiving kinda makes for a long weekend, that totally counts as “my favorite weekend,” so here is a picture of us yesterday:

See that shirt Lesta’s wearing? I WANT. Too bad he is not anywhere close to my size, or else I would totally steal it from him. Anyway, after we put up the tree, we went upstairs and ate more food and played a game. Sadly, my peoples had to leave today rather than tomorrow because of more looming weather considerations. This makes me sad, but at least they got to come at all. OK, next one:

27. A photo of last summer:

This is the tattoo I got last summer (or the continuation of my previous tattoo; however you want to look at it). Yaaaa.

Today I am exceptionally groggy and stupid. Maybe I will accomplish something, but I kinda doubt it. There is a football game in about 15 minutes that I shall watch, and I will take a notebook with me just in case, but I’m not hugely hopeful. I wanted to have some Plastic to read ZG later… I must be strong…!