28. A photo of what you ate today. I like that that’s in the past tense. If I already ate it, how… OK, well, today I’ve eaten what was left of the Thanksgiving turkey (there was only one slice), and my leftover quesadilla bits from the restaurant ZG and I went to last night. Currently there is a plate next to me with a knife and fork lying on it. I could take a picture of that and post it. But since that’s about the most boring thing I can think of to take a picture of, instead have one of some celery:

Yeah, if you cut celery stalks off their base, it makes the most awesome flower in the world. I love celery twelve million, and am allergic to it. This is possibly the worst thing ever. I EAT IT AT FUCKING CHRISTMAS, THOUGH. Because I have to have some celery sometime, and unhealthy indulgence is a Christmas tradition.

I signed onto Aerkoruyn, who is a draenei shaman, and for some reason he was in Acherus. He’s been questing in Eastern Plaguelands, and had his home set at Light’s Hope Chapel… but there he was in Acherus somehow. I kinda stood there for some time going O_o because I didn’t think it was even possible for a non-DK to get to the Ebon Hold (which I confirmed later on the wiki).

Then I had to figure out how the hell to get out, since his home had reset to the freaking Exodar, and I wasn’t interested in going all the way to the other side of the planet just at that moment — and non-DK’s, it turns out, can’t make use of the Acherus flight master. Eventually I found a low spot on the parapet and jumped off. Of course I died on impact, but I had some ankhs on me so it was all good. It still kinda left me scratching my head.

I’ve been working on Plastic today whilst Koru quested, and made some good progress on that, but I think I’m done with that for today. I need to work on my MRCAeX, but I really don’t feel like it. I kinda feel like MVing, so mayhap I shall do that. I’m also getting rather hungry again, so maybe I will go look for some food at some point too…