Photo meme day final, important coloring book, yesterday’s excellent productivity, dentist dream

30. A photo of you when you were happy.

At the Hard Rock Cafe in Denver last December. Hard Rock Barbie kicks all sorts of ass. This is a terribly appropriate picture for today, because…

Over the last year or so I have developed an unexpected adoration for Barbie. There are three major reasons for this, which are as follows: 1) I have for several years now loved the Barbie moviesThe Princess and the Pauper is one of my favorite movies of all time — and, while this isn’t quite the same as loving Barbie herself, it definitely makes it easier. 2) A story that I’m writing makes it almost impossible for me not to be rather fond of her (and Ken), but I won’t go into any detail about that at this point. 3) I just freaking love sparkly stuff so much.

So I’m constantly dragging Zombie Girl onto the Barbie aisle at Wal-Mart, where we comment on their dresses and slash them with each other and so on. Well, one day recently we were at said Wal-Mart looking at said Barbies, and we wandered onto the next aisle of toys where there were coloring books. We’d been remarking, on that day as on previous occasions, on how exceptionally gay-looking are all the characters from the latest Barbie movie, A Fashion Fairytale (which I haven’t seen yet), so when we saw a coloring book version of the movie we immediately snatched it up to read the story.

Seriously, you guys. If they had deliberately set out to write a story about Barbie and Ken discovering their homosexuality, they couldn’t have done much better. This was the gayest thing in the whole world. Immediately we purchased it. I scanned the pages and tweaked the text so that it tells the story properly, and now you may look at it here (just click “next picture” to read the whole thing). Keep in mind: the images are unaltered (except for the hot dog guy’s paper, which originally said “Deed”), but the text is sexually explicit on, like, two pages.

Yeah, so, I spent probably more time than I should have yesterday doing that, and then I worked very successfully on Plastic for a while. I harassed link_worshiper for most of the day, discussed important Quatre/Trowa D/s stuff with ZG, and also worked on MV’s for quite some time. Overall it was a highly productive day (though I dunno how much the coloring book counts). Today I have to do my MRCAeX, since it’s the last day of the month and all (which means MoR contest ends tomorrow *__*), so that’s what I’ll be doing at least for a while. I’d like to get to some more Plastic too, though. We’ll see.

Also, somehow, I didn’t eat at all yesterday.

OH YEAH I FORGOT ABOUT MY DREAM(S). So, aside from a string of incoherent nonsense that related, for some reason, to Meet the Parents (????), I dreamed that I was a dentist just starting out as a new partner at a small practice. I had a patient there, but this insistent woman had called me… she sounded like a telemarketer at first, but after not long I realized that she was just crazy. She kept playing me these random recordings, one of which sounded like really boring court proceedings and the rest of which I forget.

Anyway, I hung up on her, but she called back. She was crying miserably and talking about how she was going to get in trouble; she wanted something from me, but I never figured out what it was. I told her firmly that I had no idea who she was or what she wanted, but that I wasn’t interested… and she responded hysterically that she didn’t know how to speak Turkish. Then I hung up on her again. My secretary was glad that I’d ended the conversation decisively, because she was tired of the woman calling.

Yeah, so that was weird.

15 thoughts on “Photo meme day final, important coloring book, yesterday’s excellent productivity, dentist dream

  1. Lily has this coloring book. She got it before she saw the movie. The movie is not up to the quality of the other ones really. Ken’s part is actually pretty hilarious.

    “As usual Barbie has a dumbass sidekick”

    1. I really like the art in this coloring book! It’s so nicely-done! If I ever actually colored coloring books, I would color this one (but I never do because why color a coloring book when I could draw a picture of my own? XD)

      Yeah, I keep seeing people saying that online… that it’s not as good as the others, I mean. The story (as the coloring book tells it) looks OK, but I’m not surprised if they made it suck XD

      Gah, her sidekicks. They can tell the best story in the entire world and still fuck it up with the horrible animals they decide to include for some reason. Ah, well.

      1. It is well done, though I dislike the new Barbie face models in the movie. lol. I like to draw, but I like coloring too. I find it relaxing. ^^;

        Yeah there’s just something off about it. Actually they’re last 3 weren’t as good as the older ones. I still love Three Musketeers because it’s so ridiculously cracked out AND it has Tim Curry.

        lol I have thought about writing a guide/review of all the Barbie movies several times. I always have a special section for “Things you just have to accept/ignore”. The first one being that there is always some random ass animal (talking or not) involved.

        1. I haven’t seen A Mermaid Tale either, since I’ve been unemployed… The Three Musketeers was the last one I have seen. I liked parts of it — definitely Tim Curry, and also I freaking loved that badass old woman that trained them — but I couldn’t stand the horrible musical montages. Aargh.

          I liked the sidekicks in The Princess and the Pauper because they had a reasonable subplot… same for Penelope in Rapunzel. But in the other movies, I usually just wish they’d die. Especially in The Diamond Castle, oh, god.

          1. A Mermaid’s Tale is bad too. I can’t really decide which is worse between it and Fashion Fairytale. ^^; Probably Fasion Fairytale because it’s supposed to real (for Barbie) and Mermaid Tale is just a movie.

            Three Musketeers is just one of those movies where it’s so bad it’s good (for me anyways). The music cracks me up. It caught me so off guard the first time I saw it. (Josh still talks about how they could work so hard on the music in Princess and the Pauper / Diamond Castle / 12 Dancing Princesses / Island Princess and then just remake one song and use it over and over again in Three Musketeers.)

            Diamond Castle probably wins for the most pointless sidekicks.

  2. Dahaha, I never noticed it before, but the page where Alice is introduced does look fairly hinting.

    “There stands the most beautiful woman ever around a beautiful girl, all alone in her squeaky clean shop. As she shyly lifts one hand in a little wave, her modest-yet-fashionable dress swishes gently around her deformed slender form, which is matched in grace only by the way her nerdy-yet-fashionable glasses outline her shining emerald orbs.”

          1. i’m vaguely envious. ;) i had my (years scabbed over, closed up) lobes redone at a 10, but they shrunk when i lost my jewelry and couldn’t buy new. however, they are THE MOST DURABLE STANDARD SIZED PIERCINGS YOU EVER DID SEE now. :) i can wear really heavy earrings in them and turn my head however i want and not worry about tearing my lobes. it is awesome.

            1. I don’t know if I’ve ever told you the story of my lower gauges…

              In fifth grade, we had a “mini fair” where everyone sold random crap they’d made themselves for the currency we used in our “mini society” in class. Some boys (of course it would be unpierced boys) were selling some earrings they’d made out of freaking clay… I swear they each weighed half a pound.

              I bought them and wore them without realizing the effect they might have, and only took them out several hours later when my mother noticed in some horror how they’d dragged my lobes halfway down to my shoulders. Ever since that day, those holes have been gauged to a six; eventually I expanded my second piercings to match so that I could wear the same earrings in both sets of holes if I wanted.

              1. i hadn’t the slightest clue. that doesn’t mean you never told me; it could be a reflection on the fact that i was a very drunk 19 year old.

                do you ever play with eyelets?

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