I’ll probably start a new daily-answer meme tomorrow. I don’t feel like it right now. Since the point of the daily-answer memes is to force me to write in my lj every day, and here I am writing in my lj without a meme to compel me, it’s better to put it off until tomorrow in any case :D

Well, the MoR contest is over and I didn’t win *sadface* Actually, I got up at seven because I was so eager to see the contest results. But now that it’s over, I got to post my contest entry at my own archive finally and send off reviews to all the other contest stories I liked (since now I know who wrote them). So that’s what I’ve been doing for the last three hours, and happy face on that.

Yesterday I drew my November MRCAeX, as I mentioned I needed to, which left me in a very visual mood, so I spent the rest of the day’s productivity on music video work. Zombie Girl came over in the evening, with the intention of doing homework here whilst I worked on Plastic or something (parallel play FTW!), but she found she’d left her essential textbook at home. As her homework was due by midnight, that meant she had to leave in order to get home in time to get it done. Damn hour-away home of Zombie Girl. We were going to watch the Hillywood Eclipse parody, but we didn’t even get a chance. MOU.

I stayed up late playing QfG4 (no, I swear it was not just in case Sharon updated shit at midnight or something), and finished that… which means next I need to reinstall DF and keel a dragon!! My poor little Quatre-thief’s stats suck because I am lazy. OK, actually, it’s because I’ve been character-RPing as much as possible this time through, and it’s difficult to work stat-grinding into his daily life and keep him in character. Whatevs. DF takes so long to get going that I’m usually maxed (and overloaded with money) by the time shit gets real.

Aight, so today I’ma go see about a call center that I heard is hiring (because if it’s sales it’s a no-go, but otherwise GIVE ME A FUCKING JOB), work on Plastic, and hopefully hang out with ZG for real this time. THAT IS THE PLAN.