I am telve sick. It’s been creeping up for a couple of days, and now shit has gotten real. However, we are going to see Beauty and the Beast tonight, and my throat could actually fall right out and it would still not prevent me from being there.

The call center I mentioned yesterday turns out to be located in the same building and even the same suite as the last call center I worked at (which has obviously gone away and been replaced). So that’s kinda nice. This place is Verizon customer service, which sounds fabulous. They do this apply-assess-interview process so you can get everything done all at once, and, god, it’s nice to apply for a job, for once, where I overqualify. At all these dental interviews, people look at me askance and ask delicately, “So you have how much experience…?” But this guy at this place was like, “Well, you got 95 out of 100 on the assessment… we only look for 41, and the average is 45-50. So you definitely passed the assessment.” Yeah. Badass call center experience FTW. So I’m pretty much guaranteed a job there, but they won’t have another training class until, like, mid-January *sigh*

So that process took a million hours, and then ZG came over and we wrote things. She has officially finished the first chapter of her GW story!!!! (Though I noticed just now that she left her thumb drive here, so if she was looking to work on it today, she’ll have to make a new file.) It is a wonderful chapter ^__^ and Duo will appear in the next one *__* and maybe I can get her to post it but I doubt it. I made some Plastic progress, and that is what I plan to work on all day today until we go to item this evening. Now, if only I felt less awful.

P.S. The Twelve Days of Christmas confuses the hell out of me. Aside from wondering who would want all this random crap (including far too many live animals) that this mysterious “true love” is giving, what exactly is so epic about five gold(en) rings that they need to be emphasized more than anything else in the song? I mean, don’t get me wrong; I love this song… it just seems more than a little FUCKING INSANE.