All right, it’s long past time for an entry. I’ve been sick for a week and haven’t felt like posting one, but the things to say are piling up, so I’d better get on that. Lessee… what-all do I need to talk about…

This is a lame sort of sick that has sore throat, congestion, headache, varying levels of voice loss, and general without-energy sick feeling. I don’t get genuinely sick often, and I guess this is better than nausea or digestional item, but it still sucks. Especially since over-the-counter cold medicine has a long and glorious history of not really working on me. This started creeping up on me last Tuesday, became real last Thursday, and hasn’t really left yet. The worst of it is gone, though, thank Tolkien. I got my poor mom sick too, though, and she has stuff she needs to sing. Mou.

Yeah, so, a week ago, we saw Beauty and the Beast at the Pikes Peak Center. The acting was really quite bad: painfully over-the-top and involving far too much slapstick and embarrassing, childish humor. But the musical performances were very good. Some of the aforementioned crap crept into those too, but overall the singing and dancing made the whole show worth it.

During the Beast’s first couple of singing moments, though he sounded OK, I began to fear that he wouldn’t be up to the If I Can’t Love Her number at the end of the first act, which is, of course, one of the highlights of the entire show… but he pulled it off spectacularly, and I was more than satisfied. I was very disappointed, though, that they omitted both No Matter What and Maison des Lunes. The latter is one of my favorite pieces in the show, and this Gaston was definitely capable of it… but perhaps this D’Arque was not.

The stein dance in the Gaston number was so freaking awesome. I’d heard that it was cool, but it was better even than I was expecting. The cutlery in Be Our Guest made me dissolve into giggles. The forks and spoons were what I would have expected, but the knives — all played by men — looked soOoOo phallic. Anyway, I enjoyed the show very much despite the parts that I disliked.

The other day the call center contacted me unexpectedly and said that they have an opening in a training class starting on the 27th, so I get to start working then (hopefully; read on). This was on Monday, when I was still in the miserable stage of sick but felt like I’d be out of it by Tuesday, so I told them I’d come in on Tuesday to do the paperwork.

Now, I mentioned that cold medicines typically do nothing for me, right? Well, I recently found that if I take a double dose of this Wal-Mart “12 hour Nasal Decongestant with Pseudoephedrine Hydrochloride,” it gives me about three hours of relief from my symptoms. So I did that on Tuesday morning and went into the call center to sign up for workings. At the end of this paperwork process, the guys hands me a form and says, “Now we need you to go take a drug test at this address. You have twenty-four hours to get it done; they close at four.” I was a little annoyed about this, because I knew they did drug testing and had completely forgotten; if I’d remembered, I wouldn’t have gotten myself all drugged up on cold meds just beforehand.

It was about eleven o’clock at that point, and, since the place opens at nine, I decided to go in the next day rather than risk a false positive on meth or something from my double dose of pseudoetc. So I went into the lab yesterday morning at about 9:30, not knowing that there were so many people there at the same time that I would have to wait for about an hour before actually doing the test. So I’ve done the drug test, but I don’t know if I managed it in time. So we’ll see if I actually have a job or not, mou.

If I do have this job, it couldn’t start at a better time. Lester comes home for Christmas in a week, and then we are going to go to see BYU play at the New Mexico Bowl. My mom bought the tickets before anyone knew who was going to be playing because she assumed BYU would be going, and she was right — which means we have the best seats EVAR because nobody else had bought their tickets yet XD Anyway, then we’re going to go to Santa Fe, which is really exciting since my family has gone there a million times and somehow I’ve never been able to. And they’re always like, “You know how in Santa Fe blah blah blah,” and I’m like, “NO I DON’T KNOW BECAUSE I HAVE NEVER BEEN THERE STOP TEASING ME.” So now I will have gone.

So I will be glad to start working just after Christmas, ’cause it won’t mess up any Christmas plans and Lester and I can hang out and stuff. The sad part is that Mostle and Jakebii are supposedly coming for Mostle’s birthday, when I will definitely be working if I have the job. Apparently (did I mention this before?) the training is six days a week (=overtime pay *__*), which means a month or so of doing nothing with anyone. Which brings me to my next point…

Since I may have a job at the end of this month, I am eager to get as much of Plastic done as possible in the time I have. Plastic is now longer than Sun and Shade, and the only thing that’s keeping me from starting to post it is that I want to have all the parts illustrated by link_worshiper first, and being unemployed really throws a wrench in one’s plans for commissioned art. But if I become employed again, illustrating, and possibly posting, can commence. But I want to keep to a regular posting schedule once I start, so I want to make sure I’m as close to finished as I can before then. So I’m trying to work on that assiduously in the time that I have.

However, I have also started writing a Heero/Duo Christmas story, since I got an idea for one and since I always like to at least try to have something to offer for Christmas. And since Christmas is a more specific deadline than “sometime when I have money and get link_worshiper drawing commissions for me again,” this is prioritized above Plastic. And the other thing I’d kinda like to have finished for Christmas is at least one of my music videos.

They are coming along quite nicely, but the footage-gathering is still tedious. In fact, the other day I got so tired of going about this in a linear fashion that I jumped ahead to the OAV and grabbed all the footage I wanted from that. And I had forgotten that Heero wears jeans at that point instead of his silly spandex shorts. (The sleeveless shirt I can tolerate fairly well most of the time, but that doesn’t mean I’m not quite happy to see him put that jacket over it.) I may have to attempt some fanart of them in their OAV outfits just to express my approval.

OK, and, speaking of Gundam Wing, I have to get this off of my chest before it rots my flesh: lately I’ve been craving Duo/Wufei. Of course I can’t stand Duo and Heero being broken up, so this has led to me searching for 1x2x5 fics. What’s really stupid about this is that I think Wufei is a total dumbass and I used to dislike him thoroughly. Lately I’ve been coming to like him quite a bit (though that’s largely thanks to Plastic Dwufei, who is a different kettle of fish and may end up with Une offscreen)… but I still think he’s a dumbass.

I think he’s the kind of person, though, that will be less of a dumbass — and in fact may be quite a reasonable, likeable guy — once he grows up a bit. I’d go so far as to say that I may have a bit of a crush on mid-thirties Wufei… and some of that may be rubbing off on how I perceive dumbass!canon!Wufei. Which is somehow making me want to pair him with Duo and sending me on horrifying and futile quests for fic. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME.

Part of this is Zombie Girl’s fault, since we make fun ofdiscuss Wufei (or at least Dwufei) far more than we should. Also she said something about Duo and Wufei in a relationship the other day that totally got me thinking. Admittedly the context was “In between the Heero/Duo that didn’t quite work out and the Heero/Duo a few years later that leads to happily-ever-after, Duo/Wufei happens,” but still… She claims I owe her the rest of a Quatre/Trowa sex scene I started recently because I got her sick with my current sick, but in actuality I think we’re even since she, in turn, infected me with this weird and inappropriate Duo/Wufei impulse.

I keep telling her that she needs to post that completed first chapter of her story and let everyone meet her excessively adorable Quatre and unfortunate Trowa, and she agreed that she should… and yet she shows no sign of actually doing so. I hope I will see her tomorrow, and then I will get on her case about it again.

That may or may not be all I had to say. It’s kinda funny to talk about devoting as much of my time as possible to writing stories and then writing a million-year-long lj entry instead, but that’s what happens when I neglect my journal for days and days. I really need to start a new daily meme so as to avoid this occurrence in future.

OH YEAH. Last night I dreamed that I was writing a story about Ginny. Ginny and Harry were together but had hit a sort of wall in their relationship: they seemed reluctant to go any further than anything they would do just as friends, except perhaps a little kiss now and then, and neither of them quite knew why. Finally Ginny decided that she was going to press the issue by waiting for Harry in his bed naked. But she got the beds mixed up and ended up climbing into Hermione’s bed naked and falling asleep there.

When Hermione found her, she took from this exactly the message Ginny intended, even if she wasn’t the intended recipient, and was quite pleased, since she’d had a crush on Ginny all along. She started fondling Ginny, who woke up and, finding that she was unexpectedly having sex with Hermione and really enjoying it, decided to go along with it and not say anything. This, of course, made Ginny realize that she really loved Hermione, and that she’d never been inclined to do things like this with Harry because she was actually lesbian. So Hermione and Ginny hooked up, and Harry turned out to be gay too and probably hooked up with Cedric or someone.

So I was thinking of this story in the dream, and realizing that there was no way to make it work in the canon setting where the boys and girls have separate beds in separate dorms. So I decided to have them all going camping, and have Ginny choose the wrong tent to lie around in naked. This didn’t really fit with canon at all, so I made it an AU. And then I woke up going XD WOT. Especially because during the part where I’d been imagining beds, not tents, everyone had twenty, potentially pea-concealing mattresses.

Incidentally, all of this was happening within the framework of a larger, weirder dream about getting that call center job. First I was trying to understand the operating system they used on their computers, which consisted entirely of pictographs rather than words; then I was watching a training video that turned out to be an advertisement for Disneyland. And during the part where Mickey Mouse was actually in Disneyland giving the viewer a virtual tour, some of the Disneyland-goers he passed were my family.

I got all excited about seeing myself and my family in this video, and somehow jumped through the video back in time to where my family was in Disneyland a couple of years ago. I told my former self that I was going to grow my hair out and it was going to look great, and I did some other strange stuff involving rides that were quite a bit like the newly-flooded Thousand Needles and the Christmas-light-covered riverboat you can get there. And all this time the whole Ginny story thing was going on simultaneously. Yeah.

OK, enough writing in journal already. Back to work.