12/12, recent productivity, WoW thoughts, plans for today

Happy 12/12. It’s so awesome that my longtime favorite number took on even more significance to me when I discovered the joy of Heero and Duo ^__^

I have been goodly productive lately. I have written some on my Christmas story every single day since I started it, and things are looking promising for having at least one if not both of my music videos done for Christmas as well. If things keep progressing this nicely, maybe I can has fanart too. That would be pleasant.

Plastic progress has also been good. The other day was Zombie Girl’s last final of the semester (and now she has an insanely long break), so to celebrate I worked on the Quatre/Trowa sex scene that she’s been waiting so patiently for all this time (she being more of a fan of that pairing than of Heero and Duo, shame on her). After her final, she arrived at my house at a particularly bad place to cut off in the middle of a sex scene, and then we went to Denver to go to the Cheesecake Factory and read all that I’d written on the way. It was awesome ^__^

Also I finished that Silent Hill fic that I’ve had kicking around forever, because scacao inspired me with her awesome awesome awesome H/D horror story. So that’s pretty great too.

Here are some thoughts I wrote down the other day while playing WoW. I don’t actually have Cataclysm yet (and, to be honest, really shouldn’t be subscribed to the game at all) because of being unemployed, but there are still plenty of changes we unfortunates can enjoy, and I comment at random upon thems.

OH GOD KOLTIRA AND THASSARIAN. They were already wonderful in Wrath, but now it’s like Sylvanas says, “KOL STOP BEING SO GAY WITH THAT HUMAN I WILL FIX YOU.” It won’t take, Lady, I promise. Those two are SO DESTINY.

Terenar Sunstrike is my fabulous new best friend. We were killing zombiestyle items together and he kept laughing like a maniac, and it made me giggle my ass off. Plus he’s totally gay, though that is probably the most redundant thing you can say about a blood elf. But seriously, his thing with Gidwin?? ZOMG. Also, I am tickled to death that these two are following me around for quests at the moment. I don’t know how long it will last, but I LOVE IT. I play this game almost exclusively solo, and I wish there were a lot more opportunities to team up with NPC’s for stuff. Admittedly these guys are the WEAKEST PALADINS EVAR, but I still love them.

Amylya has this super badass helmet thing that I do not remember getting even in the slightest bit. Seriously, check her out.

Is it just me, or are Elites tougher now? I mean, the rule of thumb used to be “three or four levels above their declared level,” but now they all just seem to kick my ass XD

I’ve already made decent progress on my Christmas story, and I worked on a music video all day yesterday, so my plan for the rest of today is to work on Plastic. Actually that will probably turn into MV workings again later, because I can’t stay away from that, but at least I will try to get some good stuff done on Plastic first. Oh, but isn’t there a Christmas party or something tonight… hmmm… Well, whatever. Plastic.

10 thoughts on “12/12, recent productivity, WoW thoughts, plans for today

  1. Plus he’s totally gay, though that is probably the most redundant thing you can say about a blood elf.

    Josh used to play a (male)Blood Elf and would get hit on by other boys. (Albeit it was probably a joke, but still hilarious when a male orc walks up to him and whispers “Hi sexy”. And yes… he totally played along.)

    My best friend showed me a lot of the pre-Cat changes that were done. O_O It’s not really enough to make me want to play again, but holy shit I love that they are progressing now. (I really loved the Wrath progressing quests and when I still played hoped that Cat would bring more of the same.)

    1. I tend to let my WoW characters choose their own personalities as I play, and my male blood elf went and named his pet crocolisk Sparklebite and then hooked up with my male Forsaken death knight. I was like XD Meanwhile my female blood elf is like a female Saitou.

      I’m enjoying the changes a lot, but, then, I’m really easy-going about the game in general. I am excited to get the actual expansion, though, and play the new races. Yay goblins!!!

      1. I’ve never done too much into the character development part myself (neither has Josh really) so I can’t really comment. ^^;
        The amusing part is that usually it’s just the “hott” girl characters who get the annoying whispers, so it was funny when it would happen to him.

        I think the closest was when I was a female blonde blood elf with the super curly hair, she (or I really) was more outgoing and did more group things then I normally tend to do… of course, she was also a warlock – a really bad one- so I needed a lot of help with leveling LOL.

        I am really interested in the Worgans (Worgons?) tbh. More seeing what customization would be available. My favorite race was always the Tauren so it’s nice to see a more animal hybrid in there -esp after what happened with the Draenei. (Hot women paired with seriously fug men? *sadface* At least they gave us the male blood elves lol)

        1. I tend to flirt with anyone I see that looks nice, or has stood near me for a while XD But I definitely don’t do annoying whispers, heh.

          Yeah, it’s kindof been a WoW tradition to give unpleasant-looking male counterparts to hot females, so I’m grateful for blood elves too :D I mean, don’t get me wrong; I love looking at hot females… but I also like some balance!!

          Tauren are so damn cute. I’m on mine right now ^__^

          1. I used in inadvertently flirt with ANY male blood elf in the near vicinity. :P Just habit. Non-whispered flirting is fun though.

            I don’t mind the pretty women, it’s just as you said – balance. I like from what I’ve seen that they did not try to make the “new” races super ridiculously hot or anything. There are not only pretty races! (Although I still feel bad for all the Female Dwarf hate that goes around… I think they’re kinda cute.)

            I first saw the Tauren and I squeed at how cute they were.

            1. I think female dwarves are adorable ^__^ Actually, dwarf is the only (non-Cata) race I don’t have a character from yet. Making room for my two orcs and two blood elves, I guess.

  2. I’m beginning to think I’m going to get the one thing I want for Christmas: lots of Heero and Duo (and Trowa/Quatre) on my flist. I swear I’ve been a good girl all year and deserve this. ;-)

    Congratulation to Zombie Girl! I hope she enjoys all that time before her next semester starts. I’m sure Quatre and Trowa are appreciating all the attention you’re giving them.

    1. I can’t stop giggling at that icon and how hysterical he looks. He definitely tops in this story. And it’s super hot, if I do say so myself.

      I swear I’m going to get my Christmas story finished by Christmas, but the other stuff, though it’s coming along nicely, may or may not show its face. My brother will be here at the end of this week, and having family members around tends to cut a huge giant chunk out of the amount of time I can/am willing to spend on creative stuff. So we’ll see. BUT THE STORY WILL BE FINISHED I SWEAR TO GOD.

  3. i absolutely loved the EPL and WPL quest lines. I agree, teaming up with NPCs at lower levels is a nice touch, especially those who don’t have a huge guild or anything.

    and everyone’s got to love a flamboyant blood elf.

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