2. Talk about your piercings or tattoos, if you have any. Each of my ears is pierced twice, and they’re all gauged to a six so I can wear the same earrings in all of them if I so desire. Actually, let’s have the whole story…

In fifth grade, we had this “mini society” where we all had jobs we did for fake money (I was the class writer, and published the society newspaper). Then at the end of the year we had a “mini fair” where everyone sold random crap they’d made themselves for the fake money. Some boys (of course it would be unpierced boys) were selling some earrings they’d made out of freaking clay… I swear they each weighed half a pound. The earrings, that is, not the boys.

I bought them and wore them without considering the effect they might have, and only took them out several hours later when my mother noticed in some horror how they’d dragged my lobes halfway down to my shoulders. Ever since that day, those holes have been gauged to a six; eventually I expanded my second piercings to match.

As for tattoos, I have two, but since they’re connected you might say I only have one. On my back I have “???,” and it curves around onto my arm into the “JRRT” symbol. It’s all hollow black outlines on blue, and I’m quite fond of it. I have plans for three more, though I haven’t come up with a specific design for any yet (just the general idea), and of course need to have money to get them. I plan on only getting stuff done in places that don’t show under work-style clothes (including scrubs). I loooove tattoos, and I think things like full sleeves and stuff look freaking awesome, but our open-minded society has issues.

I think Plastic is jealous and bitter because I’ve been working so much on this Christmas story lately… for the last couple of days it hasn’t wanted to be worked on at all. ZG and I are going to Denver again tomorrow, and I wanted to have a bunch of new Plastic to read on the way, but that’s obviously not going to happen. Of course, it doesn’t help that MV does want to be worked on, and is more than eager to jump in and fill the gap where otherwise I might have just pressed the issue. Hmm, that kinda makes it sound like I’m sexually assaulting my own stories.