3. Your favorite television program. Well, I don’t watch programs on TV, but I do watch some programs on DVD that were originally on TV. Choosing a favorite is difficult, though, because each one I’m like, Well, except for… and none of them I watch very frequently. But I guess I can give it a try.

Rurouni Kenshin, of course, is a long-time favorite… except for the filler eps (including the entire third season) and the fact that I like the manga a million times better. Then I’ve been watching a lot of Gundam Wing lately, if fast-forwarding through episodes looking for suitable music video footage counts as ‘watching.’

Some others that I love are Shoujo Kakumei Utena, Avatar: The Last Airbender, He-Man and She-Ra… and, ooh, The 10th Kingdom is technically a TV show — so that too. And then some that I like a lot but haven’t watched in at least a couple of years: Firefly, GetBackers, Cowboy Bebop, Disney’s Gargoyles… I dunno what else. And now I’m supposed to choose a favorite? Well, I guess I can narrow it down to five or six… but that’s as specific as I can get. FAIL.

So my mom bought tickets for ZG and me to go to the Tutankhamun exhibit at the Denver Art Museum, and that was what we spent today doing. I have some small interest in Egyptology, and some great freaking ginormous interest in Amelia Peabody (which latter rather led to the former), and I tell you what: it was the Amelia fangirl, and not really any other this faery, at that exhibit today.

So there was this audio tour guide thing that offered (most of the time) a lot of Harrison Ford wankery repeating what could be read perfectly easily on the plaques and (occasionally) some interesting additional information from Zahi Hawass, secretary general of Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities (who had the cutest accent ever existing in humans ever).

Anyway, when Hawass mentioned the mazelike substructure of the Black Pyramid of Dashur, I actually got tears in my eyes. Then seeing familiar names like Shepenwepet and Nebkheperure, not to mention aaaallll the stuff about Akhenaten and the Amarna period, just filled me with endless squee. Also I was interested to see that the usheptis were referred to throughout the exhibit simply as “sheptis;” is this perhaps a more recent speculation on the spelling of the word?

Then there was this movie about mummies that talked about the cache discovered in 1881, but never actually mentioned that it was a cache, not a tomb, or (except in passing) that it was a reburial conducted by priests hundreds of years after the time of some of the mummies involved. Also they conspicuously failed to mention that the Rassul brothers were tortured into revealing its location, and made it look like it was Brugsch rather than Maspero that authorized this. That movie was kinda dumb.

The exhibit as a whole, however, was BADASS and I freaking loved it. My mom paid, like, $100 for the tickets and the audio thing and the movie for both of us, for which I am eternally grateful. SO SO COOL.

Given that I spent all day doing that, there was no productivity to speak of. Yesterday, however, I got one of my MV’s almost finished, and it’s looking aaawesome, and did also eventually get Plastic to cooperate (mostly because I was determined that I should have the scenes ZG wanted ready for our drive today). We also read the first half of my Christmas story, which she seemed to like quite a bit, so that is a good sign (though I didn’t work on it at all today).

Tomorrow, however, LESTA COMES HOME, and then we are going to go to Santa Fe — which means a drive, which means plenty of writing time. I expect to make good progress on both Plastic and my Christmas story (which really needs a freaking title already), and I may take along the picture I started the other day to see what I can do with it (since so far I kinda think I hate it). In any case, things are looking good for my planned Christmas present ^__^

And now I shall go to bed.