5. Tell us your three favorite colors. Well, it’s hard to choose. Black is definitely my favorite (and, yes, in such discussions I proceed on the assumption that black and some of its achromatic friends are colors), and other than that I also really like grey and white. Then I’m quite fond of brown as well… if I’m forced to choose something a little less neutral, I guess blue and green. Also I love anything in the entire freaking world that sparkles. YEAH SPARKLEBII.

OK, so, our little trip. We set out at about 1600 on Thursday, and drove and drove and drove. It was quite nice for a while, but then we drove into the scariest snowstorm ever!! It was impossible to see more than about ten feet in front of the car!! I was very glad I was not driving, but I would have been even more glad if someone other than my dad had been XD

About ten miles from Santa Fe, the interstate stopped dead. It was horribly snowy, so this wasn’t a huge surprise, but we still couldn’t figure out exactly what was causing the jam. I even called Zombie Girl and she looked online, but couldn’t find any closures or anything to explain it. Ten freaking miles from our destination. We were one of a million cars just sitting there waiting; one of them was even a snow plow, which kept its stupid flashing lights on the entire time we were stuck there.

That entire time? Six hours. And I should mention that the back seat of this particular car is absolutely impossible to sleep in. So we just sat there from 2315 to 515. The silver lining was that I got, like, a million pages written. Eventually we heard a rumor from someone that had braved the freeze to walk some distance up the line that there was a jack-knifed semi and a couple of wrecked cars up ahead that were entirely blocking the southbound lanes.

Whether this was true or not we never found out; at least there was no sign of such obstructions when we finally got going again. We reached our hotel at about 630, and, since we had to check out by eleven, slept for three hours and left again -__-

Then we wandered around Santa Fe shopping areas and churches for most of the day (or at least until my legs felt like they were going to melt and then I would fall asleep on the ground with melty legs), and it was all super cool. We took some pictures, but you know how long it always takes me to extract pictures and actually post thems.

Friday night hotel was probably the best thing I’ve ever seen. I slept very badly despite being tired, but, as my bad sleep lasted for twelve hours, it worked out relatively OK. I dreamed something about Alexx and Darth Vader and some other villains… and there were these cinnamon rolls that, when ingested, caused drama and the defeat of enemies. It was… weird.

Yesterday we went to the bowl game, and that was fun. It was perfect weather for a football game, too *__* And then we driv home. I reached linear completion on my Christmas story and finally came up with a title for it, and wrote a lot of Plastic too; it was great.

Today I have worked on those same stories again, and also quite a bit on MV, and then on a picture. It’s looking like those three items (Christmas story, MV, and picture) will be the extent of my Christmas present. Which is fine.

Tomorrow Lester and I are going to make a million sugar cookies and put all sorts of frosting and sprinkles and stuff on thems. It will be a party.