9. Favorite meme at the moment. ANTOINE DODSON. Guy is my freaking hero, and when I have some money someday I’m totally getting one of his t-shirts. I swear not an hour passes in my house at the moment without somebody randomly going, “Weelllll, obviously…” or suggesting, in response to some totally unrelated issue, that somebody hide their kids, their wife, and their husband. YAY ANTOINE.

So now it is Christmas Eve! That is my favorite ^__^ I am making deviled eggs; some eggies upstairs are becoming hard-boiled right now! MMMMMMDEVILEDEGGS. I will also play Twilight Princess, which is turning into something of a Christmas tradition (oddly enough).

Photo of the day:

Of course a plant person would not be at all baffled by this, but my initial reaction was, “…Is that English…?”