10. Talk about your pets, or the pets you would like to have. OH MY BAYBEE. I have the sweetest cat in the whole world. She is little and soft and black and she has adorable round paws, and also her head is round and sometimes the rest of her is round too. She is a curiousbii that always likes to know what is going on and runs to see, and always needs to know what everyone is eating and has to sniff it. She is very good at sniffing; she makes little tapping sniffs. She usually curls up next to me in bed while I’m asleep and she is so soft and warm and an excellent sunnglebii. WOT A SWEET BAYBEE SHE IS. Her name is Tokio.

Yesterday was a good Christmas. We ate a bunch of delicious food and played games, and Zombie Girl came over and ate a bunch of delicious food and played games with us ^__^ Then ZG and I went looking for an open Wal-Mart or even a grocery store, and did not find one. It was sad but not terribly surprising. Then I made her watch my new music video!!!!

So remember that really dreadful-looking The Hero of Time movie? I’ve been playing so much TP lately that I was reminded of it, and it occurred to me yesterday that I hadn’t checked up on it in a very long time — when I last looked, they were still showing it around in various theaters and uncertain how they would release it to the public. So I went to see. True to form, trying to find a single piece of information (even one as vital as “the status of the movie to which this site is devoted”) on their badly-designed website rather called for some of those plastic wading pants things.

My favorite part, aside from there being no front-and-center announcement of, or even link to an announcement of, The Way Things Stand, is that they named all their news posts so descriptively. “The Hero of Time Update!” Really? You think I came to theherooftime.com to find updates about The Hero of Time? Genius! What each news post is about more specifically, you actually have to read every single one of them to find out. Awesome!

Aaanyway, so I eventually figured out what was going on, and about how Nintendo are dicks. So I went and found the movie elsewhere, but haven’t actually had the courage to start watching it yet. The problem with horrible, overreaching fan-made projects like this is that, while they may be hilarious and very enjoyable in their terribleness, part of their terribleness usually includes pacing problems up the ass, which is not hilarious and enjoyable, just incredibly boring.

What was amusing right from the off, though, was the elegant and professional language on the website. Things like this: It was hard to contrive a video update without many things going on with The Hero of Time. But chin up cause its here! It features footage from the LA screening from last year, some behind the scenes funnies, as well as some really weighty banter of us on the couch! So impressive. (What the hell does that even mean?)

OK, I didn’t really intend to go on about that at quite so much length. Ah, well.

Now that I am done with my Christmas story, I can work on Plastic again *__* That is what I shall do whilst family is at church. Then when they come back I will probably hang with Lesta some more while he does stupid stuff online and I play Zeld. Or mayhap we shall play mas game tonight! ^__^

ALSO I START WORK TOMORROW. OH MAN. I will work so much!! I am sad that I won’t be around for New Year’s Eve and the usual New Year’s Eve stuff that we do, and also that I will be working so much whilst Mostle and Jakebii are here, but FREAKING MONEY ALREADY.

Picture of the day:

That is the family dog, Rosie. I call her Mimsey. She is kinda stupid. I was amused when she did this and put her leg out like that.