11. Your top three favorite bands. Well, my favorite band is Three Days Grace. I love everything about thems. What I’m most routinely amazed by is Adam’s freaking pitch control; he just sings astonishingly well. I mean, sometimes I’ll need to skip to another part of the song (like when I’m, oh, say, working on a music video or something), and I’ll land on the same note and the same vowel sound (like “pain” and “hate” in the bridge of Life Starts Now)… and it’s impossible to tell I’ve even skipped to a different spot. He’s that consistent. And the other guys are quite good too, of course!

After #1 (which tends to shift anyway), it’s a little difficult to rank my favorites, but Rammstein is another one that I love telve million. Aside from their super-clever lyrics, I love the fact that they’re FUCKING CRAZY and also their badass guitar. And Till shouldn’t be nearly as sexy as he is. Then for third place I guess I’ll go with Toto, which has been releasing albums for longer than I’ve been alive and is still incredible (and supposedly still exists, though the jury seems to be out on that). I don’t think they’ve done a single song that I don’t like (though, admittedly, some are better than others). Sadly, even if they do exist, the chances of my seeing these guys live are very small.

So Lester and I watched The Hero of Time last night XD XD XD XD XD The “squid monster” was probably my favorite thing in the entire world; I thought I was going to die laughing. But the whole thing was really fabulously awful; the “special effects” were even better than we’d expected, and the “acting” was just top-notch. And one of my favorite things was that I couldn’t hear/understand about half of the dialogue, sometimes because the music got a little too excited and sometimes just because of the dreadful quality of the audio track in general. It was freaking awesome.

I START WORK TODAY. In four hours!! I’m too restless to get anything productive done, so after this entry I’ma go play Zeld. BUT I START WORK TODAY. I had some kind of dream where I found in a store a birthday card that had Duo on it, and the greeting on the front of the card just went on and on and on XD And that’s all I have to say besides a fairly lengthy reaction to a photo I shall post.

Photo of the day:

So what exactly is the clear skin I deserve? And how does the ProActiv vending machine know? Does it have some kind of gauge that reads my deserts and dispenses a particular type/strength of product accordingly? Perhaps I have to put my hand on a reader or something for it to be able to tell. Or is this some sort of Santa thing, and there’s a list? “this faery has been fairly good and written some kickass fiction this year, so she deserves fairly clear skin.”

What the hell do you even have to do to deserve clear skin, anyway? And if I believe I deserve clearer skin than the vending machine or the secret list believes, and it dispenses me a product that doesn’t clear up my skin to the degree I think it should, do I have legal recourse? I mean, that’s false advertising! Of course, I haven’t actually purchased anything from the vending machine; for all I know, it reads your mind and gives you precisely what you think you’ve earned. In which case, I’m pretty sure I deserve fucking transparent skin.