12. Your thoughts or opinions about Harry Potter. I freaking love Harry Potter. No, Rowling doesn’t have the greatest command of the English language of any author ever, but her world-building and story-telling are top notch. The books are charming and engrossing, and I think she really told a perfect story. I will love them forever.

I think the movies suck. They’ve all had good moments, and I actually kinda liked the fifth one from beginning to end (though not enough that I’ve re-watched it since it came out), but overall they are just baaaad. My family went to see the latest one last night, but I was busy making money. Yeah, so that’s my thoughts on Harry Potter.

Well, I’ve done it; I’ve started posting Plastic. I wasn’t going to until I had at least a few more illustrations from link_worshiper, but I found out yesterday that I don’t get paid for three weeks and I’m just so tired of waiting. I was talking about it with Zombie Girl last night, and she convinced me that I need to start posting it… so I did. I hope people like it, because I’m starting to think it’s the best thing I’ve ever written.

So, work. Yesterday was the biggest waste of time I have experienced in many a long day, and, what’s more, bored me to tears. And I don’t get bored. But this was just nine hours of pointless bullshit. I hope to Poe that we actually start some training today, or I may decide that gnawing my own leg off might be a more better way to spend my time. I’d give details about yesterday, but I’ve just spent the last few hours getting Plastic in order and I’m tired of ljing right now. So I’m going to do something else, and maybe I’ll get back to those details tomorrow. The long and the short of it is that I think I’m reeeeaaaalllllyyyyy going to like this job if I can survive the stupid training.