Plastic 0

“I’ve had enough of this.”

“Enough of what?”

“Don’t play ignorant; you know what. You knew she and I were to go driving today; you deliberately kept her out all afternoon so she would miss the appointment.”


“So?! So, you are sabotaging my relationship with her!”

“And if I am? All’s fair in love and war, my friend.”

“You don’t love her. You don’t care about her at all. You’re just trying to make sure I don’t win her. You’re being petty and shallow and… and fake. It’s as if you were made of plastic.”

“Oh, plastic, that is appropriate. No surprise you should mention that, since that’s all you care about. You never behaved like this when we were both poor, but ever since that promotion at the factory, you think you can just buy everything you want — a big flat, a motorcar, even a nice woman. You don’t care about her either! She’s simply another object to you.”

“Good lord, Duo, is this really about money? How can you deny being petty while you’re saying such things?”

No, this isn’t about money… not entirely. But ever since you’ve had money, you’ve become more and more disconnected with the human world and human emotions. You don’t care about people anymore — not her, not me, not anyone. You don’t care about anything beyond your damned work!”

“You’d probably better watch what you’re accusing me of. You may not want to find out just how much I care.”

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The illustration above is by Link Worshiper. You’ll see a couple more by her in later chapters ^__^

8 thoughts on “Plastic 0

  1. That’s such a tease! I think you accomplished what you set out to do. I’m looking forward to this so much!!!

    Link’s picture is gorgeous. I love her colored works, but she shows so much awesome detail when she does black-and-white pieces. The intensity in Duo’s face is amazing.

    1. I’m glad I’ve managed to get you interested! But I do hope you noticed that there’s more up than just this :D

      Ah, isn’t LW just astonishing?? She is so totally my favorite artist evar *__*

      1. No, I didn’t realize there was more. I guess I know what I’ll be doing before work starts this morning. :-)

        Btw, I’m going to rec a story this morning that I think you might like. The author is a personal favorite of mine.

  2. Sooo… I’ve finally caved into clicking on Sharon’s link and asjdkjfkl just like everyone had said… such a tease. Though I’m quite interested to know who’s the other person in the dialog besides Duo.

    1. So you know what’s just about the best thing in the whole damn world? Coming home to a million reviews like this. Thank you so much for reading, and for commenting on each part! I really, really appreciate it!

      1. Hahaha, I read your story in one go so it was easier to write quick comments after each chapter. I’m glad my little incoherent notes made you happy in some way.

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