13. Your thoughts or opinions about Mean Girls. OK, I had to look this up to find out what it was, and it seems pretty dreadful. But since I haven’t seen it and don’t really intend to, that’s about all I can say. Instead, why don’t I answer the prompt, “Your thoughts or opinions about squids.”

Dude. Squids are awesome. Octopi are definitely cooler, but squids are pretty intense. I especially like them as villains. That makes me want to go to the aquarium. Admittedly I mostly want to see the sharks and jellies and the octopus, but maybe there is a squid or two there too. YAY SQUIDS.

So now I’ve had three days of work (that’s, like, $270 *__*). We’ve very slowly started actually learning stuff, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t spend over an hour yesterday making posters on butcher paper with scented markers. Just thinking about reporting all the stupid bullshit we’ve been wasting time on makes me tired, so I will sum it up by saying that I fucking hate corporate subculture, especially anything involving marching, dancing, clapping, chanting, gesturing emphatically, shouting, or the word “utilize.”

The good news (apart from the fact that I’m getting paid for this nonsense) is that I can sit there writing Plastic in a notebook about half the time. I don’t know how long this will last; there may be some kind of revolution one of these days and we’ll start actual full-time training instead of most-time wasting… but in any case, I’ve been pretty productive the last couple of days. And now I think I will go work on that until I have to go get paid.

After I post my photo of the day:

This is the giant blue bear outside the Colorado Convention Center in Denver. I think he is badass. He’s also startling as hell if you’re not expecting him… you come around the corner and are like WTF!!! A FIFTY-FOOT BEAR APPEARS!! Of course you can get souvenir models of him at local junk stores. It’s pretty awesome.

P.S. Cat says, “78888888888u7u.”