14. Do you have siblings? Talk about them, or talk about what it’s like to be an only child. I have three blood siblings: Pookster, Mostle, and Lester (not their real names, but close enough). They are the best. I am very sad today because Mostle and her husband Jakebii were supposed to come see us and do New Year’s Eve things with us tonight, but Doom Snow has prevented this T__T

Mostle is the only one of my siblings so far that has read Discworld. Jakebii is a good jobon being for Mostle. Pookster also has one of those husband things, who is also a good job, and a child named Deedle. Soon she will have another child!!! They live in Georgia, and that is far away. They will come visit here after not too long, though! That is awesome.

Lesta is around right now, and that is why I play Zeld: because he is in the rec. room and I want to hang out with him while he is here. He was supposed to go back to school with Mostle and Jakebii when they returned home, but now I dunno how he will get home. MAYBE WE WILL JUST KEEP HIM FOREVER.

“98oo0oppppppp,” says cat. She went through a long period of not walking over the keyboard to get places, but lately she’s been doing it again.

So there was Doom Snow yesterday. They actually shut down the call center because of it, so I got to come home early and that was kinda nice. I played Zeld and worked on Plastic all day ^__^ Today’s work is only to be four hours long so that New Year’s Eveing can occur thereafter! I love New Year’s Eve, so I am very glad about this.

Photo of the day — one day I was in Wal-Mart and I turned around and saw this!!

Zombie Girl says, “Does this giraffe make me look washed-out?”

Who goes to Wal-Mart and puts a giraffe into a shirt? Sometimes I love people even though I hate thems.