15. Tell us your favorite junk food. I don’t really think I can. Being allergic to everything healthy, pretty well, I like any and all junk food. I love pizza and donuts and MC DONALD’S and pizza and candy bars and pizza. And all sorts of stuff. Mmmmfoods. Oh, oh, I love stuff that comes out of vending machines. And junk you buy at convenience stores. YEAH.

Aargh, cramps. Aaarggghh *dies*

I am all over Plastic right now, by the way. Maybe it was the act of posting it, but I suddenly wish I had twelve arms and the ultimate multi-tasking brain (and possibly a few more computers) so I could work on half a dozen parts at once. You know the end’s in sight, from where I’m sitting? What a strange thought.

OK, so I dreamed I was fucking Heero in the ass with a strap-on, and he enjoyed it so much he came three times. This was a very unexpected dream. You know I dreamed recently that I was Trowa’s girlfriend? What’s with this? Duo and Quatre are my favorites, but I almost never dream about hooking up with either of them…

Aaaanyway, Lesta is going home on Monday!!!! That is so soon! I am glad that Pookster and such will appear next week, though. I’m waiting for someone to invent teleportation technology already, so I can have family members close by all the time. Mayhap Lester and I will watch something or something today. We shall see.

Instead of posting a photo today, I think I’ll do the “show your desktop” meme. I use a desktop randomizer, so mine changes every five minutes or so (maybe it’s set to ten; I forget) among a large collection of anime wallpapers, a few things from non-anime fandoms, some random fannish shit I’ve made myself, and several of my own drawings that I’ve made into wallpapers because I’m arrogant like that. See if you can figure out which is which among the following:

The dragon is a QMP skin, and, yes, I’m listening to an all-anime playlist at the moment. That’s all.