16. Your favorite Disney Princess movie. Now, that is something I cannot decide. The problem is, really, that even a Disney movie I love I tend to have severe issues with, and therefore trying to compare them turns into a charting project. But off the top of my head, Beauty and the Beast is possibly my favorite. I love Jasmine and Tiana, but neither of their movies is probably my favorite; and I love The Little Mermaid, but Ariel definitely isn’t my favorite princess.

I’m excited to see Tangled; I’ve heard nothing but praise of it (or, rather, I’ve heard it praised by my sister, one of the couple of people in the world whose opinion on movies is reliable for me). I was excited back when I heard they were making a Rapunzel movie. Go back to the freaking faery tales, already, Disney.

You know, I really liked Barbie’s version of Rapunzel. I even liked Penelope and her subplot. But, really, I wish they’d called it something else. If you’re not going to tell the actual faery tale, you’ve got no reason to pretend you are. Mou. OK, now I’ve strayed off-topic, and I don’t really have more to say about Disney princess movies anyway.

I have very little to say about yesterday. I mostly played Zeld. OH BUT I DID finally get Lesta to start listening to a Discworld book!!! I have no idea whether this will become a trend, since he goes back to school tomorrow and may never have time for books again!! (except D&D manuals) But at least I’ve gotten him started, right?

Today I’ma work on Plastic!

Photo of the day:

This is my grandma’s dog Hagrid. He sits on the couch in the funniest ways.