Plastic 4

Quatre tried his hardest, his very hardest, but he simply couldn’t help himself; he burst out laughing. “You’re what?”

The doll just shook his head.

“Everything sounded really good up until that part.” With an effort, Quatre got control of himself again. “Seriously, I’d change it; say you’re alien technology stranded on Earth or something. That would fit better with you liking sci-fi shows anyway.”

“The shows I like have nothing to do with the fact that I’m a doll,” Duo protested. “Besides, you wouldn’t believe the alien technology thing either, so why not just tell the truth?”

Heero was actually smirking a bit at this conversation. “We might come closer to believing that, though.”

“Why is science fiction always so much more plausible to people than fantasy?” complained Duo. “Why are robots who can have intelligent conversations more believable than curses?”

“Because we’ve made progress toward–” Heero began.

Quatre put a hand on his shoulder. “Debating the psychological impact of technological advancement is pointless right now.”

So Heero asked a question instead. “How did you get…” The rueful half-smile he’d adopted in response to Quatre’s admonition changed to another skeptical look. “…cursed?”

“I’m not even really sure,” Duo replied. “My friend and I’d been playing around with magic for a while, but neither of us was very good at it. We had an argument, and I heard him starting a spell… some kind of spell, but he was talking real quietly… but I didn’t think he would do something like this to me. Hell, I didn’t think he could do something like this! We never had this kind of power…”

“Well, that’s convenient,” Quatre said a little sarcastically, and began counting off points on his fingers. “Somebody else cast the spell, so you don’t know exactly what he did… It’s something stronger than you thought you guys were capable of, so not something you can reverse on your own… I bet you’re going to claim you can’t do spells as a doll anyway… and you’ve probably lost track of your friend… am I right?”

Duo tilted his plastic chin up in a motion that made his entire head swivel backwards. “No, I can’t cast spells as a doll,” he said a bit snappishly. “And my friend is long dead, since he was born in 1898.”

Heero snorted. “This keeps getting better.”

The doll seemed to take a deep breath, which was faintly audible but in no way visible, and to put some effort into downplaying his irritation. “You don’t have to believe me,” he said, with admirable calm. “Just don’t take me to Goodwill.”

With a thoughtful sidelong smile at his friend, Quatre remarked to Heero, “I think we know how to keep him in line now, don’t you? Just threaten to Goodwill him, and he’ll probably do anything we ask.”

“What on earth would we ask him to do?” Heero was giving Quatre a dark look, almost accusing, and Quatre realized immediately what the problem was.

“Heero, I don’t believe him,” he said sternly.

Heero’s expression seemed to ask, “Are you sure?” and Quatre’s in return was almost a glare. Heero really was getting worked up about this.

“Well, my flight leaves at 7:50,” Quatre said next, turning away and changing the subject; “I’m going to go take a shower.” He was a little surprised at his own tone of voice — it seemed to insert an “I give up” into his statement somewhere. There really was little more of use, he felt, to be gotten out of the doll (though probably a good deal more of interest), and Heero was evidently in a strange state of mind.

It was reluctantly, however, that he rose from the couch and made his way toward the hall. Only the awareness that he didn’t want to be either dirty or tired at tomorrow’s meeting induced him to abandon such a fascinating scene in progress. He did turn again at the entry to the hallway, though, and look back to where Heero was still pensively staring down at Duo. “Good luck with him…”

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6 thoughts on “Plastic 4

  1. I’m not so sure Quatre doesn’t believe Duo. I think that’s the real reason Quatre got up to take his shower. I feel sorry for Duo. He doesn’t know the curse and the person who placed it is dead. It sounds like it’ll be hard to remove.

    1. I’m not so sure Quatre doesn’t believe Duo. Yooouuuuu just might be right about that…

      Yeah, Duo has an unhappy lot in this fic. I thought he was going to be the most miserable, but then that turned out not to be the case. You just wait XD XD XD

  2. Okay, okay, I’ll stop being a bad friend and catch up with this beautiful fic!! Sorry for the delay. T_T This is sooo craaaaaazy, and I’m loving every minute of it. LOL. Poor Duo! How is he going to break the curse? I can’t wait to read more of this! *proceeds to next chapter immediately*

    1. You don’t have to apologize… I love to know that someone’s reading, no matter when it happens! Thanks for your comments!

      How is he going to break the curse? That’s the big question, isn’t it? :D

  3. In this age of technology it’s easier to believe everything is and can be somehow scientifically proven and when it’s not… it’s probably a coincidence or alien technology. *lol* anyway, I feel bad for Duo here. Now how is he going to break the curse of someone who’s long dead?
    But I can understand where Heero and Quatre were going. it’s suddenly too much to handle in one day.

    Though I do wonder where Tro comes in…

    1. Yeah, it would be kindof overwhelming to meet this talking doll and be asked to believe that he was once human and is under a curse — when you previously hadn’t even believed in magic — all at once. But it’ll all be worth it for them in the end :D

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