18. Do you drink soda more often than milk? Da ha ha ha ha ha ha, yes. You have no idea about me and soda. The loving and devoted relationship that some people have with alcohol is mine with carbonated beverages. For me, a carbonated drink is always preferable to any other kind, even if it’s something totally disgusting like Sprite, and something carbonated with a meal is an absolute must. This becomes a little tricky at restaurants, because I’m allergic to caffeine and it has a strong antisoporific effect on me (in case, you know, my insomnia needs a hand), so I avoid it when I can… but the options at restaurants are usually severely limited. The aforementioned totally disgusting Sprite is often the only carbonated, non-caffeinated choice. But at home I live off of Diet Caffeine Free Dr. Pepper.

Oddly enough, I can’t stand it when people refer to it as “pop,” despite its being an equally legitimate colloquialism.

And as for milk, I can’t stand the stuff. OK, well, if it’s chocolate it’s not too bad… and every once in a while I get a craving for something 2% or higher… but just in general, YUCK YUCK YUCK. I’m not fond of the taste, and I especially hate the aftertaste it leaves in my mouth. Ew gross milk. I will eat chewy caramel calcium item instead.

We’ve started actually learning stuff at work, though there’s still a lot of time-wasting going on. Yesterday we avoided the threat of an hour of poster-making only by taking a really long time on our week 1 exam (about twice as long as we were supposed to, in fact), but I fear the posters are inevitable today.

The room we sit in for our so-called training is so freaking cold that most of us keep our coats on the entire time. Today I’m wearing tights and an undershirt underneath my clothes; we’ll see if that helps. Oh, I think I’ll put some fashionable glovies on too. They have no fingers, so they won’t help my fingers, but mayhap they will do some good.

Photo of the day:

This person lives up the street from me. You know. In Colorado.