19. The initials of your crush(es). Oh, it’s a sort of guessing game, is it? OK. S.H., S.C., A.K., D.M…. those are the ones that come immediately to mind. I mean, you could say that I have a crush on, like, a billion people, but those are the significant ones. Why are they all fictional? Because real people are fail. Why are they all male? I couldn’t say. OK, actually, I could say a lot about the lack of crushable female characters in manga/anime in particular, but I’m too lazy. I could also include K.M. and T.H. on the list, though.

Wow, I am so hungry. OK. Well, Plastic has been progressing mightily lately, I am very pleased to say. We waste so much time at work that I can very easily write on it most of the time I’m there. Plastic Plastic Plastic. That’s all I have to say.

Photo of the day:

If it doesn’t look like this guy is too direly improperly parked, that’s only because you weren’t the one trying to squeeze in next to him. The irony of the sign made it all worth it, though.