20. Do you wear glasses? If so, what are they for? I do. They are for vision. Once upon a time I tried contacts, but I only ever got them into my eyes once (in the doctor’s office), and therefore they were a phenomenal and frustrating waste of money. I don’t mind my glasses, though. I could use some new ones, but that has to wait for a far-off day when I have money to spend on myself.

I really have almost nothing to say today. Plastic is still progressing well. Pookster and such will appear tomorrow. I get paid at the end of next week. Yay!

Photo of the day:

Obviously this isn’t a photo, but a screenshot from Facebook. Recently I friended several GW characters on there on a whim, and it’s always amusing when they come up in real-people contexts… but this was particularly hilarious to me because it seemed so appropriate.