23. Your opinions on Lady Gaga. IIIiiiiiii freaking love Lady Gaga. Even before I ever heard any of her music I really appreciated her visual style. Incidentally, the couple of times Lady Gaga’s name has come up in conversation with my mom, frowny disapproval has been the result. My mom always says something like, “Well, I’ve never heard any of her music, but she’s said some things I don’t like.” I haven’t asked what these things are because I really don’t want to go there.

So yesterday, once again, Deedle was not around, so I did exactly what I said in my entry (plus WoW, even). ZG and I had been planning to go up to Denver, but all the snow in the world appeared so we didn’t. Instead we watched Easy A, which I’d been vaguely interested in seeing for a while. And I liked it soOoOo much; I was super surprised.

Deedle is around today. I know this because he got up at 8 and made a lot of noise for a few hours before going for a nap just before I got up. Good timing, Deedle -__- I hope I get to play with him before work.

So now I shall work on Plastic until it is time not to do that anymore.

Photo of the day:

Wot. So cute a leetle deer. How can this beeee.