24. Tell us about the last movie you saw in theaters. I think it was probably the time ZG and I went to see Inception (again) in the dollar theater and I fell asleep. I seem to recall having been up late the night before and up early that day, and I just couldn’t stay awake. But if you mean the last movie I saw for the first time in theaters, hmm…. that may also have been Inception. It is so hard for me to remember what movies I’ve seen. What the hell even came out last year… I don’t know. Anyway, Inception is super wonderful badass love and I love it.

Yesterday I played with Deedle ^__^ OK, so, my mother was mixing food coloring into water to entertain him, and at one point he was so surprised that yellow and red made orange that he cried, “It got me!” and that was probably the funniest thing ever. He often says, “I can’t like it,” about foods he doesn’t want to eat, and apparently yesterday at some point my sister (his mom) was trying to get him to do something he didn’t want to do… and he looked at her all seriously and said, “Mommy, I can’t love you.” P described this as her very first ‘mother of an adolescent child moment’ come really early (since D is 3).

In other, also very good news, the cop from the accident the other night called me back and left a message saying that the guy in the car is going to be just fine: he’s got scratches and broken bones, but no long-term serious injuries like brain trauma or anything. So that is very good.

In third news, I wrote the freaking cutest scene of Heero and Duo for Plastic part 74. Sadly, I doubt Plastic is going to end up longer than PohP, which is still defiantly holding its own at 242 pages — but it’s definitely going to be longer than ASZz, which is 194 pages. I’m estimating somewhere around 225 pages at this point, so it will at least be a solid second place… and maybe someday something will overtake good old PohP.

Of course, there’s always the possibility of my actually continuing ASZz, but I’m afraid I see that as a distant possibility at best. In fact, I’ve been thinking about taking down that first chapter of part 2 and calling the story complete. Which is dreadfully sad, since I’ve got some really awesome bits written for part 2 and it was going to be so angsty and romantic and shit. But whatever. Fandom wheels turn, even if mine turn very slowly. I will still always love Saitou and Sano.

I was up until 4 this morning talking to seester and brother-in-law, so I got up late, which means very little time for anything before work. That’s still rather OK, since I keep getting so much writing done at work, but it does make the day feel somewhat short and pointless. But I will eat Cup O’Noods and that will be good. Three days until I get paid!

Photo of the day:

This is from an Albuquerque McDonald’s drive-thru window. I love it.