25. Tell us about the last book you read (for leisure or for school). Well, the last book I finished (i.e. am not in the middle of) was Feet of Clay by Mr. Awesome (I mean Terry Pratchett), and I thought it was fabulous. The whole self-identity thing (Cheery’s parts in particular) hit really close to home.

Well, Deedle and I played for five hours today, and I am tiiiired. We threw the toys down the stairs trying to get them into my laundry basket at the bottom (apparently my laundry basket also counts as a toy); we pretended to be dogs and monsters and hid from each other; we watched Tonari no Totoro while identifying little cars; we put all the toys into a Capri Sun box and taped them in; we (I) lit candles and (he) blew them out; and we harassed glamma, whose turn it is now while I go to work.

Meanwhile, my internet is being a bitch, as it does sometimes. It’s slow in general, and some sites specifically load very sluggishly or not at all. I can’t get at my DA messages or at my Yahtzee, but at least LJ is working for me relatively well, so I got my Plastic posted.

Photo of the day:

Saw this at Wal-Mart. The skii mask (or whatever that is) especially amused me.