26. Name one place you would love to visit one day. FREAKING EGYPT. I would make a checklist of Amelia sites and visit all of thems *__*

I was so busy all day yesterday that I didn’t have time to post anything!! Which means I’ve forgotten most of what I was going to say in yesterday’s entry *sadface*

Anyway, yesterday, first I played with Deedle for a long time. We watched a bunch of old Donald Duck cartoons on YouTube, and a lot of them featured Chip and Dale too. And, seriously you guys… if you think of Chip, Dale, and Donald as Heero, Duo, and Wufei, that shit gets so funny you’ll be in tears.

Then I went to work, and at work they had our paychecks a day early!!!!!! *__* On my lunch break, I went to the bank and deposited mine, then came home and set up some bill payments for today *__* Joy to my life!

Yeah, I’ve forgotten everything I wanted to say. I know there was more than that. But I’d rather go type up some Plastic than sit here trying to remember it.

Photo of the day:

More Wal-Mart Christmas fun!