27. List your three favorite girl names, three favorite boy names, and your three favorite names for a pet. Whoa, that’s a lot of favorite names to name. Um, OK. For a girl I have long been partial to Jade… the other day I decided that I really like Sahara too. There are a lot of names that I like, but I’m not coming up with a third one off the top of my head. I dunno about boys, either. For pets, I tend to name them after fictional characters (which, honestly, I wouldn’t mind doing for my children either)… my cat’s name is Tokio, after Saitou’s wife, and I have had a number of fish named after Tolkien or RK characters.

So I’ve neglected my journal for several days now, boooo. I blame alaskan_ninja for distracting me (though the real reason is just that I am lazy). Pookster and her family are still here, so I keep getting to play with Dami the In, and that is great ^__^ It means I’ve gotten less done on Plastic lately than previously, but that will pass.

OK, some dreams. The first one (at least the last part of it) I blame on Kuroshitsuji, which I recently started reading (and am loving). In this dream, Tamora Pierce was coming here for some kind of book signing or something, and I guess I and my entire family were fans (XD) Some people we knew online were going to come here and stay with us in order to go to this book signing. I went to the airport to pick them up, unsure of exactly how many of them were coming. It turned out to be a married het couple and their ten-year-old son.

So then we went to the book signing (I think; it wasn’t a very coherent dream), which was in a mansion of sorts. Afterwards, as everyone was leaving, the mansion thing became haunted, and I was the only one in there with a bunch of creepy demons. The demons disguised themselves as innocent things, which would try to attack me if I got too close, but their disguises could be broken if they took any damage. Of course, that meant I had to hit various innocent things to see whether they were demons or not.

So I saw this sweet little cat, and I definitely didn’t want to hurt it just in case it might be a demon… it was on the stairs that led to some safe room where there were supplies I knew I was going to need to get through the rest of this mansion (and also there were Tamora Pierce books XD) I climbed the wall over the stairs, and noticed that the cat was following me down below in a menacing way. So I knew the cat was really a demon. I got into the room and got what I needed, and started back down.

Outside the room, there was my dad. I was like, Riiiight. It’s my dad. Here in the haunted house. Riiiiight. And he was like, “Come on, let’s go home.” And he turned to walk down the stairs. Then he bent down, and I said, “What is it?” And he said, “Oh, I just found a nice little cat.” And I was like, “YOU’RE NOT MY DAD.” And he stood back up and looked at me, and his eyes had gone all creepy, like they were sucking back into his head. He said to me something to the purpose of, “You think you’re so clever to figure us out, but you’ll never defeat us.” Then he walked right off the side of the staircase.

Since it was something of a drop, I rushed to the edge to watch him fall, because I assumed that when he landed he would take damage and then his disguise would be broken and I could see his true form. However (and this is the part I blame on Sebastian), he just landed lightly and gently and started walking all suavely away. And that was the end of that dream.

In my second dream, Akabane was going with us to some kind of sing-through of my mom’s new music. I was all excited because I got to sit next to him in the car, but it got even better than just that. He decided that he wanted to try cuddling me, because he’d never cuddled anyone before and wanted to know what it was like. So he did, and I was all *__* His hair was extremely soft… actually, it felt just like Tokio’s fur, so I assume I must have been half awake at this point and petting her.

There was a third dream, but I have to leave now, so maybe I’ll get to that tomorrow.

Photo of the day:

Obviously I took this a good while back. Oh, merchandising. I can understand slapping your brand on a lot of things, but… New Moon packing tape? Really?