28. Your first celebrity crush. I don’t know. I’m assuming fictional characters don’t count… possibly Serena Williams, but there were probably some earlier ones that I just don’t remember. We’ll go with Serena, then. OMFG she is so hot *__* I’ve been enamored of her since probably ten years ago (which is why I assume I’ve had earlier celebrity crushes that I just don’t remember, since I’m, you know, thirty). I can recall quite a few fictional character crushes from early on, but those would be fictional still.

All the peoples have gone away now, so no more Dami the In to play with. Of course that means more Plastic time, which is good, but I love my very favorite nephew! And having my sister and her husband around is cool too.

Speaking of Plastic, guess what scene I wrote yesterday. Well, you never will, so I’ll tell you: the scene where Duo becomes human again. Yes, folks, I have reached that point. It was terribly exciting. And, no, this isn’t a spoiler, because nobody in their right mind had better have been thinking that Duo wasn’t going to become human again during the course of the story XD Anyway, it was, as I said, exciting for me; it was a big moment, since I started this story about a year ago and, though I have progressed through it incredibly fast (for me), it’s been a journey… the breaking of the curse is a meaningful thing. It made me happy (though not nearly as happy as it made Duo).

OK, now it is time for me to go to work.

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Terribly important, yes?