29. Your opinions on the television show Glee. I know nothing of it. I shall look it up on Wikipedia. OK, that article is too long to read most of. Looks like a pretty good show, though. I’m all over musicals. The problem is that it’s a series, not a movie, so the chances I will ever watch it are extremely slim.

The only real news I have since yesterday is the very sad announcement that Zombie Girl has decided not to continue her awesome GW fic. I am not hugely surprised, but I am disappointed. And it doesn’t work to be like, Well, I’ll just write twice as much to make up for it… because I am not she. I can never have the same ideas or express them in the same way. *sadface*

So the dream I had the other night that I never got to. I was a vampire dude and part of a vampire organization. At least part of the organization was doing something evil and terrible, but they thought they were doing the right thing and obeying orders. I was opposing thems, and they thought I was the renegade and they were doing something good by defeating me; but there was this massive disconnect where I didn’t realize that they were misguided and blah blah.

Unfortunately for them, I was the most badass vampire ever and could kill others quickly and easily. So I was tearing through the ranks like whoosh. I came to where the leader of this group was, and he was talking to his wife and kid (who were both vampires). I heard them talking about what they were doing, and everything became a little clearer to me. Just to sucker-punch me further, there was also some kind of sweet dialogue about how the little kid vampire loved his mom and she’d always been so good to him. What made this horrible was that I was moving so fast that, although I caught all of this somehow, I couldn’t keep from killing them.

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