Journal neglect spawns further journal neglect. What can you do? LODITEE.

So I wrote the first half of a very special scene yesterday ^__^ (It involved Heero and Duo and sex) ZG speculates that Plastic is going to hit 250 pages, and with some reassessment last night I came to much the same conclusion. I’m not sure yet, though, and I’m trying not to hope for it too hard because I may be disappointed. But I’ve hit 200, and that’s pretty exciting in itself.

Songs meme, if anyone else wants to guess.

And speaking of memes, I suppose I’d better finish up that last one. So. 30. Take a picture of yourself right now and post it, or post the most recent picture you can find.

This is my utterly fabulous purple shirt and the wonderful tie I can finally wear now. Today I will wear the shirt with a black tie ^__________^