So it was -40° (with wind chill) when I went into work yesterday. I literally thought I was going to have frostbite before I got from my car into the building. Last night I slept with sweats on over my pajamas and three blankets (and a warm cat) on my bed. Right now it’s only -4°, but that’s without wind chill. It took me a while to get up, because I knew it would still be freaking cold outside of my world of blankets. Gah.

Photo of the day:

This is a great big incomprehensible WTF on me; when I encountered it, it took me a moment even to comprehend what I was seeing. Seriously, just how much overlap is there between JatH fans and Spongebob fans? Of the handful of people likely to get the reference, how many of them are likely to appreciate it? I am positively baffled by this.

(That said, it is somewhat clever that the star behind the J is a starfish)