So training ended yesterday, and “Nesting” starts tomorrow. This is time we spend on the floor taking calls but have about a million backup around to help us. That lasts from Sunday to Thursday, which is annoying because it means I have to miss tomorrow evening’s choir practice. But I thought, oh, that’s fine; at least I still get to go on Saturday morning.

Nope. Because I missed work on Thursday, I have to go in today, and they’re doing it in the morning. So no choir practice for me this weekend, and there isn’t any next weekend. Also, for some reason I can’t figure out, if you happen to work Friday and/or Saturday as part of your regular schedule, that starts the week of Nesting rather than letting you wait until next week. Which means I’ll be working Sunday-Saturday this coming week. And since I don’t exactly count any day I spend mostly lying down in pain and delirious on drugs as a day off, that means no break for thirteen days.

At least I get 20 hours of overtime out of it, but still. I am irritated. Mostly about having to miss choir practice. Mou.

Photo of the day:

Because sometimes it’s good to be a twelve-year-old boy and laugh at perfectly reasonable shit in grocery stores. All you need is rice or salad, dude!