So I am by now feeling much better… today the pain has diminished to the point where it’s more like regular menstrual cramps. Yay!

We are out of training and on the phones now at work. It’s nice to be on the phones, because taking calls is really engrossing. Not only does it pass the time very quickly (at least at this stage), it’s also distracting if you happen to have an octopus made of pain in your abdomen. Over the last couple of day, whenever I would get up from the phone to go on break, I’d suddenly become aware of the pain again and be all the more glad that I’d been on the phone and distracted.

Also, I’d forgotten how satisfying it is to be able to solve people’s problems and send them away happy… and how Poe-damned frustrating it is not to be able to help someone, especially after I’ve been on the phone with them for a long time already. Of course Verizon just got the iPhone, and we’ve been incredibly busy with that… and we’re all still learning various things that can help us help customers… and that’s a bit of a frustration, but at least we’re all in that boat together.

My last call tonight was this dumbass that couldn’t be brought to understand that a $68 credit and a $90 charge amounts to him only actually paying $22. There are only so many ways you can reword this most basic of concepts, and this guy just wasn’t getting it. It was very annoying.

A dream I had last week that I keep neglecting to write down: apparently they’d remade Commander Keen IV, and I was playing it. Only, instead of Billy Blaze, Commander Keen was now Quatre. And they’d added a bit more of a plot to the game; Quatre-Keen had to get into the Pyramid of the Forbidden in order to seek the aid of an ocean goddess/demoness/spirit/I’m not sure what she was, but she lived in or past that pyramid.

So I go through the pyramid (which was a crapload harder, and that is not an easy level in real life), and out to the beach where I could summon this goddess-item. When she emerged from the ocean, it was seen that she was somewhat hydra-like: she had three female bodies (from the waist up) attached to the same big lizardly body and tail. And it turned out that all three of them were Quatre’s sisters XD They were flirting madly with him, too, and one of them (the one in charge, I think) promised him that they would help him only if he married one of them.

Then Quatre-Keen thought desperately of Catharine, with whom he was involved in the story of this game, and wondered what he should do. And I, playing the game, was like, “No, what? Catharine? What about Trowa???” And that’s about all I remember.

Photo of the day:

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