So the awesome news (which I found out days ago and didn’t bother to report) is that I didn’t have to work yesterday or today as I’d originally thought. So I have had two grand days off, and will have two more starting tomorrow ^__^ I have spent a disturbingly large amount of money, though.

For one thing, I finally got Cataclysm. In honor of this, I have painted my nails a yellow-to-red gradient, because the Cata color scheme is mostly in those colors. Also I put pink glitter over the top BECAUSE THIS IS RELEVANT TO DEATHWING YES. It took a million hours to get the damn thing installed yesterday, and I didn’t end up playing until today.

I made a worgen priestess, and I quite liked the starting area/story. It was really hard to decide whether to do a goblin or a worgen first (she said as if she didn’t fully intend to make a goblin tomorrow), but when I clicked on the worgen in the “create character” screen, the randomized features that popped up on her were soOoOo pretty that I was sold.

I can’t help wondering about the feasibility of worgen or goblin Death Knights. Sure, if they weren’t from Gilneas or Undermine I guess it would make sense, but otherwise it kinda seems like they’re… backdated. But whatevs.

So I’m trying to catch up on the movies and albums I’ve wanted to buy in the last year but didn’t have money for. I got Inception, which my mom still hasn’t seen, and will try to get her to watch it. She’s still so vera busy, though. No choir practice this weekend (*cry*), but she has telve million project… one of them will be done soon, I understand, and then perhaps I can get her to watch this movie that I love so very, very much.

Also I’ve bought, like, ten CD’s XD

And birth control pills! This will hopefully keep me from ever having this cyst problem again, because I DON’T WANT TO. I’ve wanted some for a while, too, to try to help with my raging acne and also just because they seemed convenient. The lady at the place kinda looked at me blankly, though, when she realized that I wanted a contraceptive for all sorts of reasons besides actual contraception. She’s like, “So you… don’t plan on being sexually active with men… any time in the future…?” XD

Besides (and sometimes during) all this spending of money and leveling of worgen, I have also made mad progress on Plastic; the document containing parts 77-88 has reached linear completion, which is very exciting. And rereading my Duo/Heero sex scene, I was exceptionally pleased with myself, for it seems quite good.

Oh, oh, oh, speaking of Heero and Duo. A dream I had: this was definitely inspired by The Wedding Singer. I’ve never seen that movie, but I keep seeing it referred to, and finally went and read a summary of it so I’d know what people are talking about. It sounds terrible, but we all know how this faery feels about the bulk of heterosexual romantic comedy. Aaanyway. In this dream…

There were two couples that were going to be getting married soon, and, as they were friends, they were all together in one big house getting ready for their weddings. One of the guys had hired me to take care of a whole bunch of kids (the dream was never really clear on whose kids these were; all the family cousins, maybe) and keep them from being underfoot during the wedding preparations.

Well, it turned out that the dude in one of these couples was cheating all over the place with a variety of women, including the woman from the other couple and possible me (the dream wasn’t terribly clear on that either). When the cuckolded groom-to-be found out that his fiancee had cheated on him with his friend, there was talk of them calling off the wedding, breaking up, etc…. I think this dream’s eventual goal (at this point) was to hook me up with this guy.

HOWEVER. This guy and his cheating fiance were suddenly Heero and Duo, at which point all thought of them breaking up disappeared. Possibly the cheating disappeared too, because my dreams are like that. Only then Heero was an orangutan. To which I would add, “Because Discworld references make everything better,” except that HEERO HAS NO REASON TO BE AN ORANGUTAN IF DUO IS NOT ALSO AN ORANGUTAN SO THEY CAN HAVE ORANGUTAN LOVE TOGETHER. Yeesh.

OK, another thing I wanted to mention (speaking of dreams) was that, since that Quatre-Keen dream I had last week or whenever it was, I’ve been playing Keen 5 again, and WOW, those stupid Shikadi and their stupid, stupid, stupid dogs are such a freaking pain.

Photo of the day:

Look at this cute box.