I dreamed that I was on vacation with my family, visiting my grandma in Utah. For some reason, though, this involved babysitting Steve Urkel and Queen Latifah, both of whom were about twelve years old. Now, I think about Queen Latifah fairly frequently because I looooove her, but Urkel is someone that almost never crosses my mind, so where this came from I haven’t the faintest clue.

Aaaanyway. Then we were all going out to lunch. My parents were ordering food, and I couldn’t stop grinding my teeth. In real life I grind my teeth a lot and therefore have a headache most of the time, and it shows up sometimes in my dreams too. But in this dream, my grandma was a dentist and had made for me two crowns and a mouth guard. The mouth guard was really comfortable. One of the crowns was for a bi and was full gold, and the other was a PFM for a molar in the same quadrant.

The constant grinding loosened the cement on both of these crowns; both of them came out, and my mouth guard splintered into little pieces. My grandma wanted to repair them for me, but evidently she had to refer me to a different dentist. He happened to have his office in the restaurant we were already in, so I just went right in there. I explained about the grinding problem and how there aren’t a lot of options for people that grind during the day rather than at night (which is totally true in real life).

Then he wanted to get started replacing my crowns, and was ready to go in with the high-speed right there and then. “Don’t I get anesthetic?” I wondered in some concern. He said that of course I did, and pulled out a syringe like he was going to inject me right away. “Don’t I get topical?” I asked, again in some concern. “Oh, we don’t use that here,” he replied, in this tone like he was trying to reassure me. Then he set down the syringe (without recapping it) and just walked away.

So I sat there trying to brace myself for an eventual injection without topical, hoping I could handle it, wondering what the hell he was doing right now, and feeling parts of my face go numb as if I’d actually had the injection already. Meanwhile, all the other members of my party were trying to figure out where and with whom I was going to have dinner that night. Because I guess that was really important just then.

Interestingly enough, this is the very first time I can remember ever having dreamed of myself as a dental patient rather than working in the office or just having random teeth-related adventures.

So then without warning the entire dream just abruptly changed. My parents and I were walking along with Rogue through this room where there was water on one side and a sunken area with furniture on the other. Because why not. We went down into the sunken area and sat down in the arm chairs, and Rogue was talking about how she’d hooked up with Wolverine after a long period of wanting him and him ignoring her.

We got a visual of this, like a flashback scene from a movie, and since there were some shots of naked butts involved I was a little concerned; my parents only watch the very tamest movies, and I feared they would be shocked and offended by this. My mom was a little tight-lipped after the scene ended, but they said nothing.

By this point there was another girl there with us, assisting Rogue in telling us stories about I dunno what, and I got a strong lesbian vibe from them, which was nice. They were computer animated, and at this point my dream was trying to retcon itself by claiming that Rogue had always been computer animated as long as she’d been there (except in the flashback scene with Wolverine, which had been live action). Then we all wanted to leave the room, but how could we get back up out of the sunken area? No problem; Rogue just threw some shinai (which is what Rogue’s totally well-known for, right?) at the walkway, breaking it down into a sort of staircase we could climb but not breaking all the way through lest the water come rushing in.

So as we started leaving, I was helping a customer who was asking me questions about the video game that these Rogue cutscenes we were watching were from — because evidently now (the dream retconned itself again) everything we’d been seeing of Rogue was just a string of cutscenes from a game. I was trying to look up when the game was due to come out, and then we got into a cutscene that was very obviously unfinished. This the customer took to mean that the game wasn’t out yet, that these were just previews we were watching (I say ‘watching,’ but Rogue and her girlfriend were still right there like real [if computer animated] people right next to me). She wasn’t interested in a game that wasn’t out yet, and hung up.

Yeah, so, that all made sense. The things that bothered me most upon awakening, however, were 1) that Queen Latifah and Steve Urkel had been the same age; and 2) the idea of getting a full gold crown anterior to a PFM in the same transaction.