Plastic 27

So he liked Heero.

Duo had unmuted the television, it was true, but he wasn’t paying it any attention. His view of the hallway was mostly blocked, but he thought what he was doing could still accurately be called ‘looking after Heero.’ And if he’d had the luxury of a facial expression, it would have been pensive indeed.

The last time he’d been even remotely romantically interested in anyone had been eighty-seven years ago. Oh, sure, he’d always been able to recognize attractiveness when he encountered it, and there had been that whole coming-out thing in the 60’s… but it had all been almost more clinical than anything else — observations that led nowhere. And he’d never really thought about why he’d spent so long without anyone specifically catching his eye. But he was thinking about it now. Why exactly had this been the case? Surely over the course of nearly nine decades he should have met someone to interest him…

Admittedly he’d spend a good percentage of that time with children, but he’d gotten to know his fair share of adults as well. Also, he was a doll, but so what? His mind was the same, wasn’t it? Or had Trowa been right, all those years ago — was Duo really so petty and superficial that he couldn’t even fathom liking someone without the possibility of attendant physicality?

And, more importantly perhaps than why it had been like this for so long, what had changed now? Because something had. Was it Duo? Was something inside him maturing to allow a new interest after so long without any? Or was Heero just that overwhelmingly attractive? Perhaps it was more that Duo had some hope of regaining his humanity sometime soon, and so was allowing himself to notice humans in that light again.

He laughed helplessly at himself. This was all just another observation that led nowhere, since Heero was still clearly uninterested. Which hadn’t been a problem when Duo was idly reflecting that he might at some point start thinking of Heero as more than a friend, but could prove somewhat annoying now that he actually had.

Little time was available for him to dwell on this (which was probably for the best), as a knock sounded on the door and Heero reappeared, fully dressed, to let Quatre in. Evidently it was Heero’s turn to provide snacks again, for Quatre was empty-handed. Duo was getting the hang of these sports-oriented get-togethers.

That Duo had gone over a century without ever learning the joys of basketball seemed incredible. It was always interesting (and, to be frank, somewhat annoying) just how many things he’d never seen or done. Immortals were supposed to be knowledgeable and experienced, weren’t they? In the vampire movies, they always spoke a dozen languages and had contacts everywhere and loads of money. Duo spoke only English, could have counted his friends on one hand if his fingers separated, and didn’t even have any way to make money.

But he did like basketball. Movie immortals never did that. And they didn’t know what they were missing.

He liked Heero, too. This fact was rapidly becoming inescapable. The way Heero shook his fist and half-growled out commendations at the team he was supporting, a much less obtrusive celebration than Quatre’s cheers or the victory dances Duo would undoubtedly have done if he’d been capable, had an intense, subtle sort of happiness behind it that Duo enjoyed seeing almost as much as the skillful plays that inspired it.

Perhaps as a direct result of this, Duo was struck with the thought that playing basketball with Heero might be even more fun than watching basketball with Heero. Of course, the idea of playing anything was pleasant, for obvious reasons… but basketball in particular, especially with Heero, seemed like fun. He couldn’t be sure, of course — it had still been a relatively new sport back when Duo might have had the option to play it, and limited mostly to venues he didn’t frequent — and besides that was a pipe dream at this point anyway, but even so he had to express his curiosity on the subject.

During the next commercial break, therefore, he asked, “So do you guys ever play this game?”

“Sometimes,” Quatre replied, while at the same moment Heero said, “Every once in a while.” And they exchanged a look, the spontaneity and mutuality of which was comical even if the expression itself was not.

“What?” wondered Duo, amused.

“Two-on-two is more fun than one-on-one,” Quatre explained with a smile, “but we have a hard time persuading our friends — the friends we play stuff with — to play basketball. They’re fine with tennis–”

“As long as they can use racquets that cost at least $300,” Heero put in.

“–but they don’t think much of basketball. I think they find it a little…” Quatre trailed off as if unsure of the word he wanted.

“Ghetto,” Heero supplied.

Duo laughed, but could question no further as the commercials were over. Once a new set arrived, however, he pursued the subject. “So these snobby friends of yours who won’t play basketball… they wouldn’t happen to be the same ones who are always playing matchmaker at you guys?”

Quatre threw him a surprised look. “Yes, they are.” And he glanced at Heero as if to ask, “What have you been telling him?”

Pleased to have put these pieces together, Duo sat back (figuratively speaking) to enjoy the rest of the game.

Thereafter, Quatre announced his intention to check that Trowa had eaten something today before he went home, much to Duo’s satisfaction. It was silly to worry about not having seen his friend since Thursday when he hadn’t seen him for almost ninety years and Trowa had been just fine, but that didn’t make Duo any less pleased that Quatre was going to check on him.

“And I need to do my laundry,” Heero said as Quatre disappeared into Trowa’s house.

“Ooh, can I come with?” Duo requested.

Heero gave him a very skeptical look and said, “Why?”

“Just to spend more time in your scintillating presence,” Duo replied in a tone that indicated this should have been obvious.

“I don’t think you pronounce the ‘c’ in ‘scintillating,'” Heero said.

“Yeah, maybe not,” Duo allowed. “So can I come with you?”

Heero’s face took on a pensive expression that Duo knew very well. It was the look that said he was pondering the logistics of carrying a talking doll to wherever it was he did laundry — never very promising. What, then, was Duo’s pleasure when Heero suddenly grinned and said, “Why not? You can sit in the laundry basket.”

“I get to sit in the laauundry basket, I get to sit in the laauundry basket,” Duo sang cheerfully as Heero went to fetch what he needed. He had a feeling this was going to be a good weekend.

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17 thoughts on “Plastic 27

  1. adorable – a date! i’m wondering what made duo decide heero wasn’t interested or if he just assumed he wasn’t because of the doll thing. but yeah in my mind doing laundry together is practically marriage. quatre is clearly already trowa’s wife :D

  2. Your Duo is so adorable. Poor thing has no idea how interested Heero is – though as a doll, neither of them can really do much about it, heh.

    I love attentive Quatre, too. He’s so into Trowa.

  3. OMG I totally cracked up laughing when Duo started singing “I get to sit in the laundry basket.” XD Omg I can totally see him doing that too…like moving around and dancing to that tone.
    haha I love how Heero just popped out that answer too! Nicely done! -snerks-

  4. when your house shakes about once an hour and you have an emergency bucket equipped with food, water, toilet paper, and towels… it’s nice to have something to lighten the mood!

    This chapter was magic and, as was said before, Duo is charming in his joy of simple things like taking a ride in a laundry basket. It was also fun hearing about his reawakening romantic interests and the internal quaffle he has about *why* he likes Heero.

    1. I am glad you’re OK, and glad I could be of any kind of service whatsoever. I hope things improve!!

      Duo has become a master of taking joy from simple things; he’ll even mention it eventually. I’m glad you liked the chapter!

  5. I’ll bet one of the first things Duo will do when he’s human again is insist on seeing Heero and Quatre’s snobby friends, just so he can flaunt how wrong they were to try to set those guys up. :-)

    My favorite line was:

    could have counted his friends on one hand if his fingers separated

    Awwww, poor Duo!

    1. I think there will definitely be some flaunting in front of the snobby friends (whom we will meet eventually); Duo’s got quite a list of things he’s going to do once he’s human :D

      Ha ha, that’s not the last reference to his one-piece hands, either; poor Duo indeed!

  6. Excellent. :D
    I’m looking forward to seeing if any laundry gets done. Lol
    Yay and now we have some positively affirming Duo insight. :3

    Looking forward to more.
    And that LJ fixes their email notifications soon. >.>

    1. We’re actually going to jump forward to Monday morning in the next part, so I’ll just tell you: yes, Heero is responsible enough to get all his laundry done even with Duo around. Of course, if Duo were human and everything were worked out between them, there might be additional sources of distraction that would lengthen the process, but as it is, things get done OK.

      Thanks for your comments! lj is a pain sometimes, but we live with it, eh?

  7. LOLOLOL What a sight it must be, Duo sitting in the laundry basket. The ending amuses me even though I wonder why it’s so amusing for Duo. Ahahaha, more time spending between Heero and Duo.
    Oh, I forgot to add in the previous comment… Heero’s pajama is cute. XDD Optimus Prime? LOL.

    1. Yeah, it kinda makes me want to draw a picture :D And Duo’s happy to sit in the laundry basket because 1) he gets to spend more time with Heero that way and 2) he gets to leave the apartment and do something other than watching TV, heh. Poor Duo.

      Optimus Prime seemed eminently suited to Heero :D

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