This morning I woke up and grabbed my phone to see what time it was and if I had any emails (which is what I always do first when I wake up). What was my shock to see it was eleven thirty!! I knew I was tired last night, but I didn’t think I was that tired. It took me at least half an hour to remember daylight savings and realize why I’d slept so late.

Today is a day for painting my nails, ripping recorded book CD’s, and working on Plastic. Oh, and I had some dreams.

In one dream, a couple of guys had gotten kicked out of their college unfairly. I don’t know whether they were staying with us or what, but they were in our house with their parents. I came upstairs and found them all sitting there in the living room discussing how they’d been sent from one college to another as part of some sort of program, but then the original college had unenrolled them for some irrational reason.

Pookster was there, and she introduced me not only to the guys but to their spider forms, which were also in the room (across which they’d built a tight, pretty web). One of the guys was energetic and friendly, while the other was more restrained (hmmmm…), and the spider form of the energetic guy introduced himself as something like, “The Greatest Spinner and Jumper.”

Such a great and enthusiastic jumper was he, in fact, that he evidently wanted to jump onto me for some reason. Now, I love spiders, but I’m not a big fan of having them on me. So I kept backing away from him as he ran up walls and jumped onto things and kept trying to jump onto me; it was a kind of playful, friendly-wrestling-style thing. (At this point, for some reason, Mostle was on my back piggy-back style.)

I evaded The Greatest Jumper all the way down the stairs, until a sudden movement on my part combined with a sudden leap on his resulted in his being crushed by my leg and killed instantly. I was utterly horrified and miserable, and asked Mostle how I was supposed to go back upstairs to where his parents were sitting. Then I started wondering what exactly the effects would be on his human form of my having smashed his spider form, and I was not happy.

Then I had another dream where there were a bunch of family members about, and my dad and I were going to go to McDonald’s to get food for everyone. We were in an area he knew and I didn’t, so I was following him there. I missed the turn into the McDonald’s parking lot and somehow ended up in this other weird place. I was suddenly on foot, which is often the result of my driving in dreams, wandering around this area trying to figure out how to get out of it to McDonald’s.

There was a super-cool museum/yard of wooden sculptures that looked really cool, and I was glad to have discovered it because I was sure various members of my family would like to come see it. There was also one of those large, complicated, building-sized swimming pool complex things that there often are in my dream. I never did figure my way out.

Next I was working at McDonald’s. Because, you know, I need more of those dreams. These days, since so much time has passed in real life since I did work at McDonald’s, there’s always an aspect of “I don’t know what I’m doing” in there, which only makes the trainwreck that is working-at-McDonald’s dreams that much more awesome. But whatevs.