I suppose I will say some things.

At work they have now made books against the rules. Books were the one last final thing we were allowed to have around, so now between calls we literally get to sit there doing nothing. I hate that place so much. I hadn’t planned to look for dental jobs again until I had my finances in better order, but I’ve started keeping my eyes open again because seriously. No books? Really? Things are even more dead in denty right now than before, though, and it’s not like I’m terribly hopefully about it anyway. Stuck in no-book-land. I will throw things.

In other, way less shitty news, Rose Pale is made of win and love and unexpectedly pushing 60 pages already. What is it about Gundam Wing? Whatever it is, I hope it never stops. I worked mostly on that all day, listening to the king say “mah boi” forever (as usual anymore). There was some Plastic too, so that’s good ^__^

I also went grocery shopping. I’ve wanted to save money, since I need to purchase a new computer, but grocery shopping is one of those priorities on account of needing to eat sometimes. Incidentally, speaking of needing to eat sometimes…

I also went to the doctor today to get new prescription of birth control since I was almost out and I wanted them from a different place (the last ones were too expensive). Pretty well the only time I ever check my weight is when I go to the doctor, and I dunno the last time I was there, but it seems like I’ve lost, like, twenty pounds since then. I’m fat enough that twenty pounds isn’t much of a visual difference (I definitely had no idea I’d lost weight), so I was all surprised. It’s weird because I don’t feel like I’ve eaten any less McDonald’s or gotten any more exercise lately XD

OK, yeah, grocery shopping. I’ve gotten so tired of Hot Pockets in my work lunches that lately I haven’t even been able to bring myself to eat a whole one, let alone two. This is sad, because Hot Pockets are wonderful things. So at the grocery store I grabbed, like, one of everything from the crappy microwaveable lunch food frozen section. Then I went home and made up these lunch bags with one random thing each from among all this stuff and then the side items I chose. So I will grab one every day and have a surprise lunch that will not be the same as the day before!! Hopefully that will work.

Wow, I’m tired. I’m just rambling about pointless shit now. IN THE FUTURE I WILL LOOK BACK ON THIS DAY AND REMEMBER MY RANDOMIZED LUNCH BAGS. Mah boi, this randomized lunch bag is what all true warriors strive for! And why do I always typo “bag” as “back?” Yeah, I’m going to bed.