So I checked, and Plastic has, in fact, turned out to be longer than Pride of her Parents. For those that don’t know, PohP was my very first fanfiction, which I started writing thirteen years ago and never (to date) finished.

This is based on a pagecount of 248 for Plastic and 242 for PohP. I haven’t done a word count on Plastic yet since there’s still plenty of editing to do so it’s going to change, so I can’t compare lengths as accurately as I’ll be able to once I do. But they’re the same font size, and neither contains hard page breaks. I’ve got PohP divided up into separate files for each chapters, so if the last page of each file is not a complete page, conceivably the story could be up to almost fifteen pages shorter than the stated number; Plastic exists in ten separate files of approximately 25 pages each (the last one’s, like, 8), so it could also conceivably be about ten pages shorter than the stated number. This gives Plastic an even bigger advantage.

It’s difficult to express how strange this is. I’ve gotten so used to PohP being not just my longest fic, but far and away my longest fic. Prior to this, the runner-up was Aku Soku Zan(za), which was still forty pages short, and the next longest after that (besides the recent Sun and Shade) was Princess of the Mists, which wasn’t even half as long. My typical length has always been 50-100 pages — which is fine, of course, but then PohP was always there as a tacit reminder that I’d once gotten 242 pages into the Ultimate Mary-Sue and probably was never going to top that.

Only now I have. And in direct contrast to the hilarious mess that is Pride of her Parents, I really think Plastic is the best thing I’ve ever written. Therefore I am exceptionally pleased that it’s taken on the position of “my longest story,” because now I don’t have to laugh and shake my head at myself every time that phrase crosses my mind. I’m excited to post the rest of it, and I’m really glad that people are liking it so far. I hope they all like the rest of it too!

In other news, I’ve deactivated my Facebook account because of this.