Once upon a time all the relatives in the world appeared. Mostle and Lesta appeared!! Also Jakebii. And a bunch of grandparents. It was great. The End.

Cantata went quite well, as always; it kinda snowed, as always. I got a new purse for $3. I still hate my job; I had a long weekend for cantata, but I have to go back tomorrow >_<

The watercolor paper I ordered from Amazon still hasn’t shown up in the mail, and it is now five days after the estimated delivery date. I happened to be at an art supply store with Zombie Girl the other day, and I found a pad there that was the size I wanted. I didn’t feel bad about getting one while another one is supposedly still in the mail, since I already knew I would eventually need a second one anyway. And now I’ve started drawing stuff for Rose Pale, which is somehow at a hundred pages already.

I had a horrible dream where I was being physically abusive to someone, and it was horrible. Then another night I had a dream where I was Wufei and I was going to hook up with Heero, and it was weird (and kinda hot).

That’s all.