The problem with nothing happening for a while is that I get out of the habit of writing journal entries, and then when anything interesting actually does happen I don’t bother writing it down. Ah, well.

First things first: the manga and DVD’s I’m getting rid of in case anyone on my flist wants any of them.


X/1999 volumes 1-5
Naruto volumes 1-3
Kingdom Hearts volumes 1-4
Fullmetal Alchemist volumes 1-2 and 15-16
Cynical Orange (manwha) volumes 1-3
Cowboy Bebop volumes 1-3
Cowboy Bebop Shooting Star volumes 1-2
Shrine of the Morning Mist volume 1


Samurai Champloo complete series (seven individual western release DVD’s)
Shaman King complete series (bootleg boxed set)
Fullmetal Alchemist complete series (bootleg boxed set)
Record of Lodoss War complete series (1990 OAV western release boxed set)
Rune Soldier complete series (western release boxed set)

Let me know if you’re interested in any of this. I’m not likely to charge much more than shipping, since what I really want to do is get them out of my space.

In other news, I am currently unemployed. I had a working interview at an ortho office yesterday, and it seemed promising… but, then, they always do, and nothing ever comes of it. So we’ll see.

Rose Pale progresses apace. Chapter 8 isn’t liking to be finished, but subsequent chapters are being a little more cooperative. Art for it is also doing fairly well (as well as my art ever does), and I freaking love this brand of watercolor paper more than anything in the world. Speaking of art and this fantastic paper, I randomly drew this one the other day, and I still kinda like it.

Last night I had a dream that was mostly about me rewriting someone else’s GW fic. Except when it wasn’t, because sometimes the events of the fic were my own adventures with some friends and family and didn’t involve GW characters at all. Anyway, so this fic I was sometimes rewriting was based on a video game, and the original author had included a bunch of unnecessary side-quests that were fun in the game but dumb in a story. Like this one where some random guy’s dog was lost? Or something.

The part of the dream that interested me most was when I was trying to convince Rincewind to join our party. Because, you know, why shouldn’t he be in this GW fic? He fits right in. And then a giant boar that had previously been sleeping under a hill and still had trees and grass on its back was attacking the city, and we all had to go fight it. None of this was really coherent enough for me to report on, but the Rincewind part was pretty hilarious.

I’m sure I have other things I should say, but I’ve got to work up to making journal entries again. So no more for now.