That ortho office called today to say they’d gone with someone else (“someone with a little more experience;” what a huge surprise). However, she also said that they really liked me and are keeping my paperwork on file — which I actually believed in this case because, among other things, she waited for me to call her back to tell me all of this in person rather than just giving me the information in the voicemail she left before I got up this morning.

Parents are off right now picking up the friends from England that are staying for the next two weeks, one of which (friends, not weeks) is the singer my mom mostly works with these days. So they’ll be recording a new album upstairs nonstop for all that time, which means I have to stay dead silent every moment. Which is fine, unless I get a phone call… I get no signal down here in my room, so I have to go quickly upstairs. And the stairs are noisy. Mou.

Today I drawed my Rose Pale chapter 3 picture. Well, actually, I started it yesterday (and actually actually it’s past midnight now, so all of this has become inaccurate). Anyway, it looks OK, but largely fails at conveying things correctly. Isn’t that always the way of it… it’s either right and ugly or good-looking and wrong.

OK, now I shall go to bed.